Five Ideas for Five Years

five-ideas-five-yearsDigital transformation drives Europe’s economy, and over the past decades the European Union (EU) has fostered innovation and set global standards for the responsible use of technologies such as the General Data Protection Regulation. At the heart of the 4th Industrial revolution, the EU’s human-centric approach to technology, based on timeless values, will be one of Europe’s core strengths.

From start-ups to the most successful enterprises, artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud computing are already transforming European industries more rapidly than ever before. AI can put Europe at the cutting edge of the digital revolution. Channeled the right ways, these digital technologies can also be catalysts for developing new solutions to today’s most pressing challenges, such as reducing climate change, curing diseases and advancing public safety. The digital revolution, however, also comes with risks of disruption to our society. A strong digital Europe requires that no one be left behind, and that respect of human rights and ethics shape a trustworthy transformation.

A flourishing European economy through digital technologies can help ensure society’s broad prosperity, equality and security, creating benefits for all. As a longtime partner of the national ecosystems across Europe, Microsoft is willing to contribute to this ambition.

The 5 Ideas For The Next 5 Years outline some of the concrete steps the EU can take over the next legislative term to create a positive framework for human centric digital technologies. We hope these ideas will elicit the discussion about a successful and sustainable digital Europe.

Chapter I – Digital Inclusion

Chapter II – Artificial Intelligence and Ethics

Chapter III – Digital Peace

Chapter IV – Fight Crimes and Protect the People’s Rights

Chapter V – Tech and Climate Change

Download the full booklet for each country here: AT, BE (FR, NL), BG, CZ, DK (EN), EN, ES, FI (EN), FR, DE, GR, HU, IE, IT, NL, PL, PT, RO, SE (EN), SK