Tackling the skills shortage: our new 5 million commitment

Today sees the launch of the European Commission’s new Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition, which aims to develop an inclusive digital talent pool for the jobs of the future. With the world of work set to be transformed by the digital revolution and cloud-based technologies, equipping young people with the digital skills needed in the 21st century labor market is as pressing as ever. That’s why, as part of our … Read more »

Unlocking Europe’s potential via STEM education

When economists or labor market forecasters speculate about the future of work in Europe, it’s clear that science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) skills will play a major role. An increasing number of jobs – many of which haven’t even been invented yet – will come to depend on STEM skills, and such careers are among the fastest growing worldwide. Technology-related professions in particular look set to skyrocket, with computer … Read more »

Coding your way to the cloud

Europe’s future lies in the cloud, which has the potential to transform almost every aspect of our lives. But ensuring everyone has the right digital skills to succeed in this new, cloud-based world is no mean feat, and it is certainly an objective far beyond the reach of any one actor. Bringing digital literacy to every European is going to take efforts from all of us, public and private stakeholders … Read more »

Building a cloud for global good

Today Satya Nadella and I are in Dublin. It’s the first stop on a trip that will also take us to Paris and Berlin, with Satya also visiting London. We’re spending this week meeting with customers, partners, developers and government leaders. We’ll talk about how the Microsoft Cloud is driving the transformation of businesses and industries across Europe and around the world. We’ll talk about how our customers have harnessed … Read more »

Transforming education to improve student skills

Across Europe, youth unemployment remains at a stubbornly high average of almost 20%. Education leaders are responding to this challenge with major policy reforms designed to modernize education and skills development. Microsoft partners with the European Commission and governments across the EU to support this. We believe in leveraging the power of technology to personalize learning, increase students’ employability and improve learning outcomes. Technology can also play a key role … Read more »

International Girls in ICT Day 2016 – Enabling Women to Succeed

Today is International Girls in ICT Day – an opportunity to get more women of all ages and background interested in computer science. Currently, women represent just 30% of Europe’s ICT workforce; yet 90% of all future jobs will rely on digital skills. It’s clear we need a common European effort to spark, promote and maintain female interest in technology, whether to ensure the future talent pipeline within the ICT … Read more »

A New Year’s Resolution for Advancing Digital Skills Education

This year, youth employment, skills and entrepreneurship have all been a focus for Europe’s policymakers. The inclusion of digital skills within the European Commission’s flagship Digital Single Market Strategy set the ball rolling in May: the third pillar of the long-awaited initiative pledged to “support an inclusive digital society where citizens have the right skills to seize the opportunities of the Internet and boost their chances of getting a job”. … Read more »

Microsoft joins Pact for Youth to advance youth employability

Europe’s economy has been slowly recovering following the 2008 recession. But we should not let this distract us from the huge challenge which faces the youngest of our citizens. As it stands, over 7 million European 15-24 year olds are not currently in any form of training, education or employment. This represents a lost opportunity for every single one of them – but also for the economy as a whole. … Read more »

Cracking the Code for Digital Success

The first ever EU Code Week was born from a desire to show young people how they could change the world with technology. The event has grown apace: last year, more than 150,000 people took part in 4,000 events across 37 countries. And this year, 42 countries have planned coding events and activities. It’s cheering to see an event which celebrates computer science gaining momentum. What it shows is that … Read more »

Getting MEPs ready for EU Code Week

We live in an increasingly digital age. To thrive and succeed, all Europeans, particularly the young, need new skills, resources and training in the area of computer science. European policymakers have an essential role to play in advancing awareness of the value of digital skills and ensuring education systems focus on developing them. But they cannot do this without experiencing the transformative power of technology for themselves. Today, the #EUDojo … Read more »