#MarriageEquality: Because success is based on diversity

Somewhat surprisingly, the discussion about the #marriageforall has been refueled this week – which is a good thing. After all, the protection against discrimination for reasons of sexual orientation and identity is firmly established in the charter of fundamental rights of the European Union. Now is the time for Germany to put an end to the discrimination of same-sex partnerships and enable marriage for all. Because the success of our … Read more »

Staying civil online

On the occasion of Safer Internet Day 2017, Microsoft has published its first Digital Civility Index showing people’s perceptions of online behaviors and interactions in 14 different countries. The results demonstrate an urgent need to reinforce a culture of digital civility and promote effective public policies that protect people online, and we are encouraging people to take Microsoft’s “Digital Civility Challenge”. It’s no coincidence that the same adjective that relates … Read more »

Building a cloud for global good

Today Satya Nadella and I are in Dublin. It’s the first stop on a trip that will also take us to Paris and Berlin, with Satya also visiting London. We’re spending this week meeting with customers, partners, developers and government leaders. We’ll talk about how the Microsoft Cloud is driving the transformation of businesses and industries across Europe and around the world. We’ll talk about how our customers have harnessed … Read more »

Greener datacenters for a brighter future: Microsoft’s commitment to renewable energy

As the world increasingly races to a future based on cloud computing, a host of new and important public issues are emerging. One of these issues involves the energy and sustainability practices of the datacenters that power the cloud. Over the past year we’ve spent considerable time focusing on our work in this area at Microsoft, and I wanted to share today where were heading.

Microsoft Joins Network on Energy Solutions

Europe is currently facing important energy challenges, from increasingly scarce resources and growing energy needs, to the need to tackle climate change. Finding responsible solutions to the management of our resources will define this century and the lives of future generations. Today sees the launch of the European Parliamentary Network on Energy Solutions, an initiative bringing together Members of the European Parliament from across the political spectrum and industry leaders … Read more »

Building the low-carbon economy on firm foundations

When Jean-Claude Juncker took office as the President of the European Commission last year, reforming Europe’s energy policy was top of his priority list, starting with the launch of a strategy for a forward-looking Energy Union based on the determination to go green. Transitioning to a sustainable low-carbon society in a competitive and innovative way is a central pillar of the plans. And it is with this goal in mind … Read more »

Human Rights at Work: Poland Making Inroads on Corporate Responsibility Agenda

More than four years ago, the UN’s ‘Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights’ (UNGPs) were proposed by John Ruggie, UN Special Representative on business and human rights, and endorsed by the UN Human Rights Council and the European Commission. Last Thursday, ahead of this week’s UN Forum on Business and Human Rights in Geneva, the first ever roundtable focusing exclusively on business and human rights was held in Warsaw. … Read more »

Literacy for Life – Digital Solutions for a Sustainable Future

Around the world, there are still 757 million adults and 115 million youths who cannot read or write a simple sentence. Yet the fact remains that boosting literacy rates is the most effective way of breaking the cycle of poverty. On the occasion of International Literacy Day 2015, it is worth remembering Kofi Annan’s definition of literacy as “a bridge from misery to hope.” Ensuring “inclusive and equitable quality education” … Read more »

The Business Case for Marriage Equality

As a business leader I see the importance of diversity and inclusion for our company on a day-to-day basis. Strengthening LGBT equality – including marriage equality – plays a critical role in promoting diversity and inclusion. As Managing Director of Microsoft in Ireland, I have witnessed immense social and economic change over the past fifteen years. The country first benefitted from economic growth, then a subsequent downturn with significant social … Read more »

Microsoft on The World’s Most Ethical Companies list 5 years in a row

At Microsoft, we work hard to build and maintain trust through a shared commitment to ethical and transparent business practices. We are proud that because of our commitments and actions, we are included in the 2015 list of The World’s Most Ethical Companies®