Meet Mixer, formerly Beam, Microsoft’s interactive livestreaming platform

Screenshot of Mixer for interactive livestreaming

A big evolution of Microsoft’s interactive livestreaming platform was announced Thursday, including a new name for the service: Mixer (formerly Beam). Users will also see several features they’ve been asking for that unlock a whole new world of possibilities for social streaming, and help viewers find the content they’re looking for across the service. “We chose Mixer as our new name because it represents what we love most about the … Read more »

Accelerate your GDPR compliance with the Microsoft Cloud

Info graphic on GDPR

The European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect one year from tomorrow. While some companies have started working towards GDPR compliance, Gartner believes that less than 50 percent of all organizations will fully comply with the GDPR when it goes into effect on May 25, 2018.* We know that the cloud can help dramatically increase that compliance rate, and we are dedicated to helping our customers on … Read more »

Announcing Windows 10 China Government Edition and the new Surface Pro

In Shanghai on Tuesday we announced that with strong support of CETC and Microsoft, CMIT, our joint venture has now developed Windows 10 China Government Edition for China government customers and Lenovo will be one of the first OEM partners to preinstall Windows 10 China Government Edition; introduced the most versatile laptop — the new Surface Pro — with up to 13.5 hours of battery life; revealed the new Surface … Read more »

Microsoft earns award for its sustained support of Reservist and National Guard members

Photo of Cortez and Hood seated at a table, appearing to be listening intently in a discussion

Yesterday, Microsoft received the 2016 Extraordinary Employer Support Award from the U.S. Department of Defense in recognition of its sustained support of National Guard and Reserve military members. It was an honor to attend an on-campus ceremony where Chief Financial Officer Amy Hood accepted the award on behalf of the company. Amy’s presence is testament to the fact that Microsoft’s support of the military extends up and down our chain … Read more »

Celebrating advances in accessibility, partnering with UN Human Rights Office and making power grids autonomous – Weekend Reading: May 19 edition

Welcome back for another edition of Weekend Reading. There is always a fair amount of news pouring out of Microsoft. This week, we’ve upped the game with a number of high-level stories that touch on big issues of our time, including accessibility, human rights, teaching technology in underserved schools, modernizing electrical grids and battling online scammers. Join us and get up to speed with what’s happening in the Microsoft universe. … Read more »

Microsoft to deliver Microsoft Cloud from datacenters in Africa

Split photo of shoreline in Capetown and city skyline in Johannesburg

Few places in the world are as dynamic and diverse as Africa today. In this landscape, we see enormous opportunity for the cloud to accelerate innovation, support people across the continent who are working to transform their businesses, explore new entrepreneurship opportunities and help solve some of the world’s hardest problems. For these reasons, I’m very excited to share our plans to deliver the Microsoft Cloud from datacenters in Africa. … Read more »

The need for urgent collective action to keep people safe online: Lessons from last week’s cyberattack

Early Friday morning the world experienced the year’s latest cyberattack. Starting first in the United Kingdom and Spain, the malicious “WannaCrypt” software quickly spread globally, blocking customers from their data unless they paid a ransom using Bitcoin. The WannaCrypt exploits used in the attack were drawn from the exploits stolen from the National Security Agency, or NSA, in the United States. That theft was publicly reported earlier this year. A … Read more »

Empowering developers, controlling Parkinson’s tremors and offering free apps for Mom – Weekend Reading: May 12 edition

Developers were in focus this week, as Microsoft welcomed thousands of them to Seattle for Build 2017, the company’s annual developer conference. “In a world of near infinite compute power and an exponential growth in data, we are focused on empowering every developer to build applications for this new era of intelligent cloud and intelligent edge,” said Chief Executive Officer Satya Nadella, highlighting examples of innovations happening today. Harry Shum, … Read more »

Microsoft Build 2017: Microsoft AI – Amplify human ingenuity

Photo of Harry Shum at Build 2017

A few years ago, it was hard to think of a commonly used technology tool that used AI. In a few years, it will be hard to imagine any technology that doesn’t tap into the power of AI. Thanks to the convergence of three major forces — increased computing power in the cloud, powerful algorithms that run on deep neural networks and access to massive amounts of data — we’re … Read more »

Empowering education, teaching systems to read and saving lives with snake bots — Weekend Reading: May 5 edition

The ability of Microsoft technology to empower students, teachers, cities, industries and even safety-minded snake robots was on great display this week. Here are the highlights. Microsoft announced new innovations in education, including a Windows experience called Windows 10 S, modern classroom collaboration in Microsoft Teams, creativity features in “Minecraft” and mixed reality, and the Surface Laptop, a perfect Windows 10 S device for college students. “We believe technology can … Read more »