Microsoft and LinkedIn begin journey to empower professionals around the world to achieve more

Satya Nadella and Jeff Weiner

On Thursday, Microsoft announced it has completed the acquisition of LinkedIn, the world’s largest and most valuable professional network. Plans for the acquisition were announced last June. The acquisition brings together “the world’s leading professional cloud and the world’s leading professional network to deliver more connected, productive and intelligent experiences for our members and customers,” said Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella in an Influencer article on LinkedIn. “I’m more confident than … Read more »

Celebrating Computer Science Education Week, sharing predictions and empowering professionals — Weekend Reading: Dec. 9 edition

Black-and-white portraits of 17 female Microsoft researchers

It was an exciting week at Microsoft, with STEM education support, LinkedIn news, WinHEC in China and predictions for the new year. Let’s catch up. To celebrate Computer Science Education Week and counteract the dearth of women in computing fields, 17 female researchers at Microsoft shared their predictions for 2017 and 2027. They included Kalika Bali in India, who says speech and language technology applications will become more multilingual next … Read more »

Microsoft 2017 event lineup

2016 has been a year of exciting growth and innovation here at Microsoft and for our customers. Business leaders, IT professionals, developers and our partners are embracing the cloud and new technologies like artificial intelligence, IoT and mixed reality to drive digital transformation. As we look toward 2017, I’d like to share an update on Microsoft’s premier conferences for the year ahead. As always, our goal is to provide high-quality … Read more »

Microsoft-LinkedIn deal cleared by regulators, opening new doors for people around the world

It was roughly six months ago, on June 13, that we announced that Microsoft would acquire LinkedIn.  At that time, we said that we aimed to close the deal by the end of the year. Today, the European Commission announced that it has cleared the acquisition. As a result, we’ve now obtained all of the regulatory approvals needed to complete the acquisition, and the deal will close in the coming … Read more »

Helping efforts to shelter homeless families, address world hunger and recycle used grease into fine soaps — Weekend Reading: Dec. 2 edition

Amber and Chris stand on Aurora with their three children, –including a 17 day-old baby (in stroller) –after they were told Mary's Place did not have space for them. They were later allowed into the shelter after staff shuffled around people between their facilities. (Photo by Joshua Trujillo, Starbucks)

After the Thanksgiving holiday, we came back to work to discover news about Microsoft’s participation in a $3 million fundraising effort to shelter homeless families, how quantum computing can help end world hunger and how one couple has figured out how to convert used cooking oil into soap. Microsoft joined The Starbucks Foundation, the Schultz Family Foundation and many other businesses to support the annual No Child Sleeps Outside campaign by Mary’s Place. They’re part of … Read more »

Talking DevOps, hardcore air hockey and more with Donovan Brown

Spoof movie poster for "The Man in the Black Shirt" starring Donovan Brown

Donovan Brown was a new technical seller at Microsoft struggling with a demo when he sent the email that changed his life. “I had completely hosed the VM [virtual machine] I was using,” Brown recalled. He sent a desperate, cold-call email to a technical evangelist for help, which led to an invite for Brown to demo on stage, which led to a meteoric career rise. Three years later, the once-unknown … Read more »

Microsoft joins the Linux Foundation, works to democratize AI and invests in clean energy data centers — Weekend Reading: Nov. 18 edition


This week at Microsoft was packed with big aspirations and big announcements. From data centers entirely powered by wind farms to AI partnerships with Elon Musk and the company’s ever-deeper involvement in open source (yes, you read that correctly), nothing was business as usual. And, as happens every November, much of the news came out of the main event: Connect(); 2016 developer conference in New York City. Welcome to this … Read more »

Global Diversity & Inclusion update at Microsoft: Deepening our commitment

Earlier today, we shared our latest workforce demographic numbers on our Global Diversity & Inclusion website. This update provides a snapshot of the gender and racial composition of Microsoft’s employee population as of September 30, 2016. I encourage anyone with an interest in diversity and inclusion — both at Microsoft as well as within the tech industry as a whole — to visit our website and familiarize themselves with our … Read more »

Advancing our ambition to democratize artificial intelligence

Photo of Harry Shum and Sam Altman standing side-by-side, arms folded and grinning. Photo by Brian Smale.

We are at an incredible moment in technology history. Thanks to cloud computing power, more advanced algorithms and the availability of massive amounts of data, the artificial intelligence (AI) field has exploded – allowing computer scientists to create technology many of us only dreamed about just a few years ago. Using deep learning, computers today can recognize the words in a conversation about as well as a person does and … Read more »

Using web search data to detect lung cancer and swinging through the universe with Kinect – Weekend Reading: Nov. 11 edition

While the U.S. election dominated global headlines, there has been lots of other news you may have missed, including Microsoft researchers who detected lung cancer risks through web search logs, and an art exhibit where you can explore the universe from the seat of a swing. So take a moment to look at the world around you – and beyond – this weekend. Although smoking cigarettes is the leading cause … Read more »

Microsoft Teams, ‘Minecraft: Education Edition,’ Microsoft PowerApps and Flow – oh, my! It’s Weekend Reading, Nov. 4 edition

Microsoft Teams, Office 365

We said “hello” this week to some new team members, including Microsoft Teams, “Minecraft: Education Edition” and Microsoft PowerApps and Flow, met Microsoft employees and the people they help through the Microsoft Giving Campaign, and ushered in new era of open source hardware development at cloud speed. BAM! Microsoft Teams, a chat-based workspace in Office 365, debuted in preview. Most of us work in teams, but we’re not always together … Read more »