Microsoft and G42 partner to accelerate AI innovation in UAE and beyond

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Strategic partnership highlights:

  • Expansion of partnership between Microsoft and G42 to deliver advanced AI solutions with Microsoft Azure across various industries and markets.
  • Microsoft will invest $1.5 billion in G42 for a minority stake in G42 and join its board of directors.
  • Companies will support the establishment of a $1 billion fund for developers to boost AI skills in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and broader region.

Expanded strategic partnership:

Today, we announced a strategic investment in G42, a leading AI company in the UAE, to co-innovate and deliver advanced AI solutions with Microsoft Azure for various industries and markets across the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa.

Microsoft will invest $1.5 billion in G42 for a minority stake in the company with Brad Smith, Microsoft Vice Chair and President, joining G42’s board of directors — strengthening the long-standing collaboration and mutual synergies between the two companies. With the breadth of the Microsoft Cloud and its differentiated AI capabilities, the deal significantly advances G42’s strategy of delivering generative AI and next-generation infrastructure and services for a range of customers across financial services, healthcare, energy, government and education.

The commercial partnership is backed by assurances to the U.S. and UAE governments through a first-of- its-kind binding agreement to apply world-class best practices to ensure the secure, trusted, and responsible development and deployment of AI. Microsoft and G42 will work closely together to elevate the security and compliance framework of their joint international infrastructure. Both companies will move forward with a commitment to comply with U.S. and international trade, security, responsible AI, and business integrity laws and regulations. The work on these topics is governed by a detailed Intergovernmental Assurance Agreement between G42 and Microsoft that was developed in close consultation with both the UAE and U.S. governments.

Foundational to the partnership is G42’s trust and commitment in Microsoft’s cloud platform. G42 will expand its existing commitment to deploying Microsoft Cloud offerings, demonstrating confidence in Microsoft as its preferred partner to enhance services and deliver value-added solutions to its customers. With the partnership, G42’s data platform and other essential technology infrastructure will migrate to Microsoft Azure to benefit from industry-leading performance, scalability and security capabilities. Migrating to Azure will also support AI product development that allows G42 to create services that can scale to achieve faster delivery times for its customers globally. Together, we look forward to accelerating AI transformation in emerging markets and advancing equitable growth in AI globally.

Building on our technical co-innovation

G42 brings an excellent track record as a leader actively driving global progress and accessibility in AI technologies, and Microsoft and G42 have worked closely together to help optimize Cloud and AI solutions for the Middle East.

Last year, G42 was one of the first partners to commit to implementing Microsoft Cloud for Sovereignty offering to UAE-based organizations. G42 is helping public sector and regulated industries to use new platform capabilities for securing sensitive data, providing access to the latest cloud and AI features available on Azure public cloud, and ensuring they comply with local privacy and regulatory requirements. G42’s deep understanding of UAE sovereignty requirements and technical capabilities are central to customizing Microsoft Cloud for Sovereignty to help address customer’s specific needs.

Microsoft also announced that Jais, G42’s Arabic Large Language Model (LLM), will be available in the Azure AI Model Catalog. This model represents a significant advancement for the Arabic world in AI, offering over 400 million Arabic speakers the opportunity to explore the potential of generative AI. Jais is the world’s first Arabic LLM developed by G42 in collaboration with Cerebras, Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence (MBZUAI), and Med42 LLM, a generative AI model to streamline medical reporting. The expanded partnership with Microsoft will help accelerate the adoption of G42’s groundbreaking AI products and services, such as Jais, making them available through Microsoft Azure.

Announced in March of this year, First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB), the UAE’s largest bank, will collaborate with Core42, a subsidiary of G42, to accelerate its digital transformation journey leveraging Microsoft Azure trusted cloud platform for enterprises. FAB will move its datacenter and workload to Azure, enabling the bank to use Core42’s sovereign controls platform, which is built on Azure and ensures the highest standards of data sovereignty and compliance with UAE regulations.

One of the leading examples of precision medicine in action is the collaboration between G42 subsidiary M42, a global health care company, the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, Microsoft, and the International Center for Genetic Disease (ICGD). The partners are using Terra, a scalable and secure platform for biomedical research, to enable data sharing and analysis across different institutions and countries. Terra, powered by Microsoft Azure, allows researchers to access and analyze anonymized genomic data from the Emirati Genome Program, which has completed over 500,000 whole genome sequences to date. By applying AI technologies to this rich data source, the collaborators aim to advance clinical genomic research and disease prevention, as well as support precision medicine and life science strategies globally.

Accelerating access to digital innovation in UAE and the region

Along with providing advanced AI capabilities, the partnership will benefit regions beyond the UAE in ways that will improve how enterprises experience cloud computing. By bringing expanded low latency datacenter infrastructure to emerging markets, Microsoft and G42 will help accelerate digital transformation across key industries in those regions. This will provide countries across the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa with expanded access to services and technologies that will allow them to address the most challenging business concerns while ensuring the highest standards of security and privacy.

Furthermore, the partnership will also support the development of a skilled and diverse AI workforce and talent pool that will drive innovation and competitiveness for the UAE and broader region with the investment of $1 billion in a fund for developers.

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