Digital transformation in the media and entertainment industry

The digitization of content has completely changed how media companies think about the creation, production, marketing, distribution and monetization of content. As their audiences find new ways to consume entertainment, whether it’s through tablets, smartphones, connected TVs, PCs, gaming or mixed reality devices, the competition for attention has never been greater. This evolution has disrupted traditional business models and is driving organizations across the industry to identify new ways in … Read more »

Compete for Imagine Cup glory and a mentoring session with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

Photo of five enthusiastic young men wearing matching navy shirts pose and grin

Speaking to some of the best and brightest student developers at Imagine Cup, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella once said, “All of you represent that passion, that ability to dream the impossible and make it possible.” The Imagine Cup embraces this principle as the company’s global student innovation competition. Now celebrating its 15th anniversary, the competition represents Microsoft’s enduring commitment to supporting young developers and their drive to create the next … Read more »

Imagine Cup rings in its 15th anniversary with $100,000 top prize

Photo of three Imagine Cup competitors on stage, two with a fist raised as if celebrating, with a trophy in the foreground

One of the best parts of my job as Microsoft’s chief evangelist is the opportunity it affords me to interact with students. They represent the next generation of innovators, makers and builders, and it is their creativity and hunger to drive change that will help shape what our tomorrow will look like. With that in mind, I am excited to announce the launch of the 2017 Imagine Cup – now … Read more »

Announcing Microsoft’s Imagine Cup 2016 World Champion!

Smiling members of the ENTy team strike a pose.

Now in its 14th year, nothing embodies the spirit of student innovation at Microsoft more than Imagine Cup, the company’s global technology competition that aims to give young developers the opportunity to acquire new and critical technical, business and team-building skills. Today, Team ENTy of Romania took their place as the 2016 Imagine Cup World Champion during a live broadcast and in front of hundreds of students in the Quincy … Read more »

Microsoft Imagine Cup judges unveiled and they are out of this world

Imagine Cup is a magical time at Microsoft. It’s a time when young student developers from all over the globe descend upon Seattle to share their visions for transforming the world around them through the power of technology. A few weeks ago, we unveiled an exciting lineup of 35 student developer teams that will compete head to head from July 26-29 to become the next Imagine Cup Champion. To say … Read more »

Satya Nadella crowns the 2015 Imagine Cup World Champions

For 13 years, Microsoft Imagine Cup has inspired and challenged student developers worldwide to master new skills, build strong teams and bring entire technology projects from concept to completion. As a company originally founded by students, Microsoft believes in the power of young people connecting with technology to dream big, build creatively and boldly bring their ideas to life. Through our Microsoft Imagine program, students of all ages and skill … Read more »

Build 2015 marks an important step in our journey with developers – and it’s just the beginning

Kicking off Day 2 of Build today, I had the pleasure of expanding on the news and vision that Satya, Scott and Terry shared yesterday. We built upon the big ideas and bold ambitions from Day 1 when we announced our intention to create a world of 1 billion Windows 10 devices, and to create the most attractive development platform ever through the Universal Windows Platform (with new “bridge” toolkits) … Read more »

Registration for Build is open – prepare for a Windows 10 deep dive!

Yesterday, we announced a new chapter for Windows, where we’ll be delivering a More Personal Computing Experience for end-users and a truly Universal Platform for developers. For users, Windows 10 will be even more of the Windows Experience they know and love. For developers, Windows 10 is transformative – with so much new capability on offer, it’s time to go deep with developers on Windows 10 – registration for Build … Read more »

Registration for Build 2015 opens Jan. 22

Microsoft will enable developers to do some amazing things in 2015. Our shift to a mobile-first, cloud-first company is in full swing. You can already see a new developer opportunity emerging from the changes we’ve announced for Windows, Azure and our developer tools, including Open sourcing .NET to make our tools more powerful in today’s heterogeneous ecosystem. And that’s just the beginning. I know that many of you are eager to … Read more »

Microsoft and American Family Insurance launch startup accelerator for home automation

On Tuesday, we hosted a number startups at Microsoft’s Global Startup Day in San Francisco, all of which were from Microsoft accelerator and incubation programs. This event wasn’t just an excuse to celebrate the successful startups that we’ve nurtured – it was an affirmation that startups from anywhere in the world can find success, on their terms, working with Microsoft. Most of these startups were participants in our Microsoft Ventures Accelerators … Read more »