Registration for Build is open – prepare for a Windows 10 deep dive!

Yesterday, we announced a new chapter for Windows, where we’ll be delivering a More Personal Computing Experience for end-users and a truly Universal Platform for developers.

For users, Windows 10 will be even more of the Windows Experience they know and love. For developers, Windows 10 is transformative – with so much new capability on offer, it’s time to go deep with developers on Windows 10 – registration for Build is officially open. Build will be the first major developer event where we will go deep on Windows 10, so make sure to be there!

As a primer, Windows 10 will offer developers the power, potential and reach of a truly unified platform. What this means: with Windows 10, app publishers will be able to reach Xbox One, phones, tablets, embedded devices, PCs and emerging devices with one universal app via a single store. This truly means that you build your app once, optimize it for each device family after which you can distribute that app across all of the Microsoft client platforms. If that isn’t enough, Windows 10 also allows you to take advantage of the new “Project Spartan” browser, DirectX 12, Cortana, and the many other capabilities coming with Windows 10.

Beyond existing platforms, building apps for Windows 10 opens up an entirely new generation of personal computing. As seen with the next generation of large screen devices, the Surface Hub, and a new generation of holographic like HoloLens, the new experiences and touch points offered by Windows 10 will open up an incredible new opportunity for Developers.

Speaking of reach, we also revealed aggressive plans to deliver Windows 10 as a service, for free, to a broad set of existing Windows users, including Windows 7 users. This means that the potential of up to 1.5 billion devices, running one OS and one browser, will soon be open to you, the software developer.

Build is still the event you’ve come to know and love – we will cover all Microsoft Platforms. You can expect all of the richness in new content and information on Azure, Office365 and more, as you have in the past.

When it comes to Windows – whether you value Universal Apps, the new browser, new and universal APIs, full access to capabilities like Cortana, or a host of any of the experiences around Office, Xbox, and so much more – this is the best opportunity to learn what Windows 10 means for you, your apps and your business.

This year’s Build will lay a path to productive and creative development on the Microsoft Platform, showcasing the latest tools and technologies that will power your unique journey. We know that you are eager to find out where we’ll go from here. We can’t wait to show you along with a few surprises along the way.

This will undoubtedly be the one of the most transformational Build events ever!

Pay a visit to, and join us for three immersive days of under-the-covers insights, delivered by the engineers behind these latest devices and services.  Just be prepared to be a part of something big!

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