Governing AI in Italy

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In its Presidency of the G7 in 2024, Italy will play a pivotal role in continuing to advance international AI governance. This includes the Hiroshima AI Process initiated by Japan, the deployment of International Guiding Principles, and a Code of Conduct to manage the risks and benefits of advanced AI technologies and AI’s impact on social and economic challenges. Italy has a unique opportunity to be a leader in this, and to shape global governance mechanisms to ensure AI respects ethical boundaries while fostering AI adoption that can positively serve humanity.

Unleashing Italy’s creative genius: the unique opportunity of generative AI

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly developing as a powerful bridge between human ingenuity and computational prowess. AI will transcend technology. It holds transformative potential to revolutionize diverse domains, including health care, education, the environment, industry, business, and the broader economy. It will also enable us to open doors to new employment opportunities, foster a culture of continuous learning, and pave the way for improved and increased productivity.

In this pivotal moment, Italy stands poised to seize the moment and emerge as a leader in generative AI. Much like the olive tree gracefully adapts to its environment, AI weaves through the complexities of data, extracting the essence of understanding. Like the olives that yield precious oil, AI cultivates insights, pressing the boundaries of human potential to extract the pure essence of intelligence from the rich soil of information, combining tradition to innovation.

We see AI not as merely a tool, but as a catalyst – a force propelling us towards inclusive growth, sustainable development, and unparalleled creativity.

In fact, a recent study, AI 4 Italy: Impacts and Prospects of Generative Artificial Intelligence for Italy and Made in Italy, conducted by The European House – Ambrosetti in collaboration with Microsoft Italy, outlines the contributions that generative AI could deliver to the Italian economy. Specifically, the study notes AI’s potential to help generate up to 312 billion euros ($339bn) of added value annually, equivalent to 18% of the Italian GDP, for the same number of hours worked. By maintaining this consistent added value, the adoption of generative AI tools could free up a total of 5.4 billion hours – equivalent to the total annual working hours of 3.2 million people, addressing Italy’s productivity decline resulting from an aging population.

While generative AI presents exciting possibilities, it also brings forth challenges – ethical, legal, and social. It is essential to develop and deploy generative AI in a responsible and trustworthy manner, respecting human values, rights, and dignity, and ensuring fairness, transparency, and accountability. As a global technology company and a pioneer in AI research and innovation, Microsoft is committed to advancing and supporting responsible generative AI in collaboration with industry and civil society stakeholders, and among policy makers, both in Italy and worldwide.

As Italy enters this technological revolution that has the power to redefine the very fabric of our society and economy, we intend for our Governing AI for Italy white paper to serve as a compass, guiding us through the transformative landscape of AI and shedding light on the complexities as well as myriad of opportunities that await. It also showcases stories of Italian entities that are embracing generative AI. Their experiences can serve as inspiration, highlighting how the Italian ecosystem has the capacity to lead AI advancements.

As President of the G7, Italy assumes a pivotal role, and our mission is to cultivate an ongoing and inclusive dialogue around AI involving all stakeholders. Let us embark on this transformative journey together, drawing inspiration from our rich heritage and fueled by innovation. United in purpose, we envision a future where Italy leads the way in generative AI, responsibly harnessing its potential. The opportunities are boundless, and the time to seize them is now. Together let us shape the future and unleash the full potential of AI in our communities and economies across territories.

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Vincenzo Esposito
CEO, Microsoft Italy