Five Ideas for the next Five Years

European elections

The 2019 European Parliament elections are an opportunity for the European Union to renew its commitment to digitally transforming its economy and ensuring that the Fourth Industrial Revolution benefits all citizens.

Across Europe, innovative start-ups, SMEs and large corporations across all industries are adopting technology to thrive in the global economy. Meanwhile, EU policymakers are setting regulatory standards to ensure that no one is left behind and that respect for human rights and fundamental values remains at the heart of Europe’s digital transformation.

Microsoft shares Europe’s vision for a human-centric approach to technology. The journey is already underway, with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) standing out as a key piece of EU legislation adopted during this most recent legislature. In just 12 months, the GDPR has established the EU as a leader in data protection. But modern regulation in other critical areas is still lacking.

Microsoft’s “5 Ideas for 5 Years” outlines concrete steps that the EU can take during the next legislative term to create a positive framework for competitiveness and responsible innovation. We hope these will spark discussions about how technology can – and should – help shape a successful, sustainable future for Europe.

Read our 5 Ideas for 5 Years here:

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Marc Mossé
Senior Director EU Government Affairs