Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform helps automakers transform cars

Graphic image shows the outline of a futuristic car racing away from a city skyline

Renault-Nissan is first auto manufacturer to commit to platform to build connected cars Traditional automakers, many of whom ushered in an era of incredible disruption nearly a century ago, now face disruption themselves from four modern forces — connected, autonomous, shared and electric cars. The infrastructure and scale required to build a connected car is incredibly complicated, expensive and resource intensive. At its core, it’s a software challenge, and a … Read more »

Building global connectivity, one community at a time

At Microsoft, we believe that technology can empower everyone to achieve more. And for much of the world, it already has. You’re probably reading this on a laptop, tablet or smartphone, each connecting you to the incredible benefits of the Internet. But for 4 billion people – more than half the world’s population – the benefits of digital technology remain out of reach. To these communities, technology represents opportunity. The … Read more »

Automakers choose Microsoft as connected car partner

When Microsoft talks about mobility, our interest is the mobility of the person, not of any single device. After all, people now want their technology experience to move with them, from place to place and device to device, at home, at work, and on the move. Nowhere is this more evident than in today’s connected cars. People expect their car’s computing power to match its horsepower. And automakers are leading … Read more »

Going the last mile: The power of affordable Internet access

Spanning 97 miles, Danajon Bank in the Philippines is a rare marine life wonder. Just one of six double barrier reefs in the world, it is home to coral reefs, mangroves, seagrass biomes, tiger-tail seahorses and other natural wonders. But if you visited the reef in recent years, you would be struck by the absence of one vital creature – fish. One island, Bohol, has lost 90 percent of its … Read more »

5 partnership principles for a new Microsoft

Since joining Microsoft a year ago to lead business development, I often get asked how I think about partnerships. To me, partnerships are a path to innovation. By coming together with others, we’re able to unlock new opportunities, chart new territories and reach people in new ways. Office 2016, released this week, is a great example of partners like Salesforce, Dropbox and Uber bringing so much innovation to the Office … Read more »

Microsoft expands partnerships with leading device manufacturers

When I joined Microsoft last September, it was evident I joined a company with bold ambitions and one eager to rethink business norms and foster a new culture of creation. This was motivating given my charter to drive business deals and strategic partnerships across various industries. In the past year, Microsoft has made a series of moves to win over the hearts and minds of customers. We’ve re-engineered many of … Read more »