Microsoft to file legal brief in Apple iPhone case

Microsoft President and Chief Legal Officer Brad Smith confirmed that Microsoft supports Apple in their current legal case with the FBI and will file a legal brief in support next week. Smith was responding to a question from Rep. Zoe Lofgren, D-California, during a U.S. House Judiciary Committee hearing on Thursday. Smith made the point that the primary statutory language the government is relying on in Apple’s case was passed Read more »

One step on the path to challenging search warrant jurisdiction

The U.S. government doesn’t have the power to search a home in another country, nor should it have the power to search the content of email stored overseas. To protect this principle, we filed a formal legal challenge months ago to a U.S. search warrant seeking customer email content that is located exclusively outside the United States. Today we received an initial decision that maintains the status quo but is Read more »

The Data Dilemma

The world is awash in data—on one estimate, almost three zettabytes (three billion terabytes) of information had been created by 2012, a digital deluge that is growing at around 50% a year. A unique combination of technological innovation, social media, ubiquitous connectivity and digital globalization, among other factors, is fueling this exponential growth in the volume, variety and availability of data. At the same time, increasingly powerful computing technologies can Read more »

Security Starts with the Right Information, at the Right Time

Effective information delivery for both proactive and reactive response is one of the most frequent challenges I encounter across our industry. Sharing critical, real-time situational awareness is crucial for government agencies, and in particular public safety and law enforcement agencies around the world to succeed at their missions. Something as seemingly simple as linking two data points to a place on a map can provide the puzzle piece that thwarts Read more »

Wanted: Technology Breakthroughs to Fight Child Sex Trafficking

There are few online crimes more heartbreaking than technology-facilitated crimes against children, which is why Microsoft is working with experts to advance innovation to combat them, including a research effort on child sex trafficking being introduced today by danah boyd and Rane Johnson of Microsoft Research and the Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit. Through Microsoft’s previous work, we have found that research and creative collaborative efforts can have a meaningful impact Read more »

Closing the Justice Gap in America Through Pro Bono Legal Counsel

Editor’s Note: On Oct. 13th, was recognized by the White House as a “Champion of Change” – a weekly White House initiative to highlight Americans making an impact in their communities. Last week, “Champions of Change” featured lawyers dedicated to closing the justice gap in America. The original version of this blog post was published on the White House Blog. Each year as I see litigation first-hand around the world, Read more »

Microsoft’s New Patent Agreement with Compal: A New Milestone for Our Android Licensing Program

Today, Microsoft announced its tenth license agreement providing coverage under our patent portfolio for Android mobile phones and tablets. Today’s agreement is with Compal, one of the world’s largest Original Design Manufacturers, or ODMs. Compal is based in Taiwan, where it produces smartphones and tablet computers for third parties and has revenue of roughly $28 billion per year. [Read more…] Fostering Tag

Anti-Piracy Enforcement and NGOs

Posted by Brad SmithSenior Vice President and Microsoft General Counsel (Cross-posted from the Official Microsoft Blog) A story in yesterday’s New York Times reports on anti-piracy enforcement actions in Russia that have been used for more nefarious purposes than protecting intellectual property rights. As General Counsel for Microsoft, it was not the type of story that felt good to read. It described instances in which authorities had used piracy charges Read more »