Microsoft joins as a founding member of the Industry Data for Society Partnership

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Today, Microsoft joins the Industry Data for Society Partnership (IDSP) as a founding member along with GitHub, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, LinkedIn, Northumbrian Water Group, R2 Factory and UK Power Networks.  

The IDSP was formed because we believe industry plays a critical role in making private-sector data more open and accessible to those working to solve societal challenges, such as advancing environmental sustainability and inclusive economic growth.  

Our work in the Open Data Campaign has demonstrated the important role open data can play in addressing difficult societal problems. From public health to climate health to creating inclusive economic growth opportunities, open data accelerates research and facilitates collaboration on solutions to the challenges that we all face together. The Covid-19 pandemic provided a great example, as data from industry, organizations and government were shared and made publicly accessible, providing key insights to researchers and policymakers. Since that time, however, we have not seen a similar approach and urgency applied to other pressing societal issues. 

Through the IDSP, we will work to advance private-sector data sharing and collaboration. We will share best practices and lessons learned from past efforts to publish and collaborate on open data, while seeking new ways to contribute. The IDSP will also serve as a forum to engage with researchers, academics, nonprofits and the public sector in putting private-sector data to work. 

Working together, across companies and across industries, we will apply our expertise and assets to tackle the issues that shape our world today and tomorrow. For companies interested in joining the Industry Data for Society Partnership and researchers who want to work with private-sector data, visit 

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