Extending our vital technology support for Ukraine

Image of Brad Smith, Vice Chair and President, Microsoft, and Mykhailo Fedorov, Ukraine’s Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Transformation.

Today, we are announcing that Microsoft will extend technology support free of charge for Ukraine throughout calendar year 2023. This commits our company to providing additional technology aid valued at roughly $100 million, which will ensure that government agencies, critical infrastructure and other sectors in Ukraine can continue to run their digital infrastructure and serve citizens through the Microsoft Cloud. I’m announcing this commitment in Lisbon, Portugal, at a joint press conference with Mykhailo Fedorov, Ukraine’s Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Transformation. 

The continued defense of Ukraine depends in part on a critical digital alliance of countries, companies and nonprofits. Since the war began in February, Microsoft and other tech companies have provided unprecedented technology assistance to the government and people of Ukraine. By disbursing digital infrastructure into the public cloud, Microsoft and others have supported critical Ukrainian services through data centers across Europe. As underscored in Microsoft’s report in June, this has played a critical role in protecting the resilience and security of Ukraine’s data and digital services even in the face of Russian cruise missile and other kinetic attacks on Ukraine’s government data center and other physical assets. 

The digital alliance supporting Ukraine must continue to stand strong. 

Today’s commitment will bring Microsoft’s total support for Ukraine to more than $400 million since the war began in February. In addition to enabling technology services to run in the Microsoft Cloud, the company continues to: 

  • Support the country with critical cybersecurity protection 
  • Support nonprofits and humanitarian organizations operating in Ukraine, Poland and elsewhere in the European Union 
  • Provide data and support to international organizations aiding Ukraine and addressing war crimes against civilians 
  • Support and assist employees who are contributing to nonprofits engaged in humanitarian relief efforts 

We recognize that many people, particularly across Europe, will make sacrifices this winter to support the defense of Ukraine. The war has upended energy markets and disrupted access to food. We’re confident that other tech companies will similarly step forward to sustain support that is vital not only for Ukraine, but for international stability and the protection of fundamental rights across Europe and around the world.