Microsoft supports EU-US Privacy Shield

Microsoft’s long-standing commitment to privacy as a fundamental right reflects our view that our business is ultimately built on trust.

The newly established EU-U.S. Privacy Shield, which will govern data transmission between Europe and the United States, will strengthen privacy protections for European Union citizens and set clear rules for thousands of businesses in Europe and the United States that depend on the free flow of information across the Atlantic.

Today, Microsoft Vice President for EU Government Affairs John Frank emphasized our support for the Privacy Shield and highlights our commitments under the new process for data transfers between the EU and the U.S., including our commitment to cooperate with EU national Data Protection Authorities and comply with their advice as regards to any disputes under the Privacy Shield.

“By providing a clear framework that ensures key protections of EU citizens continue when data is transferred to the United States, the Privacy Shield framework is an important step in enhancing trust in the global digital economy, and we hope that it will be approved as negotiated,” Frank writes.

To learn more, read Frank’s post on the Microsoft EU Policy Blog.

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