Celebrating World IP Day

This weekend, on April 26, Microsoft observes the 14th annual World IP Day. On this day, we take the opportunity to reflect on the significant benefits the IP system provides our economy.

This year we join the other member companies of the Partnership for American Innovation (PAI) to highlight just a few of the innovations made possible by the U.S. patent system. Check it out here. These products are supported by the investment of PAI members, totaling more than $40 billion a year in research and development and supporting 1.2 million jobs.

Microsoft is proud of our innovations – and the inventors who bring them to life. Last year, two Microsoft inventors explained what it meant to them to receive their first patents. We continue to support innovators throughout the lifecycle of invention, from supporting startups with Microsoft Ventures, to fostering collaboration on innovative research and technology at Microsoft Innovation Centers, to furthering research inside Microsoft in the Garage.

On World IP Day, we applaud and encourage the inventors and companies that dream big, take risks and bring futuristic technologies we can’t even imagine today, to life.

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