An idea whose time has come: A new Cascadia Innovation Corridor connecting Vancouver and Seattle

Emerging Cascadia Innovation Corridor Conference

Leaders from across British Columbia and Washington state have come together in Vancouver today to talk about an important opportunity. The Emerging Cascadia Innovation Corridor Conference focuses on laying the groundwork for an innovation corridor linking Seattle and Vancouver. Vancouver and Seattle have many things in common and many complementary strengths. We also have an opportunity to contribute to a region that is stronger than its individual parts. Working together, Read more »

Why this biotech patent case is significant for the software industry

It’s with good reason that the patent case of Sequenom Inc v. Ariosa Diagnostics gained incredible attention in the biomedical community. When the biotech company Sequenom developed a new way to identify potential fetal health and developmental risks through a maternal blood test instead of through an invasive procedure, it was considered a breakthrough in neonatal medicine. According to the courts, however, this innovation cannot be protected by patent rights. Read more »

Another step forward for the Defend Trade Secrets Act of 2016

The Senate Judiciary Committee’s unanimous support of the Defend Trade Secrets Act – which will create a uniform federal standard for trade secret protection – signals that this legislation is ready for Senate consideration.  Microsoft supports the Defend Trade Secrets Act, and applauds Chairman Chuck Grassley, Ranking Member Patrick Leahy, and Senators Orrin Hatch and Christopher Coons for their leadership in shaping and advancing this important measure.

Why research remains so important to innovation – and to a vital economy

Microsoft’s research investments in speech, natural language processing and machine learning have contributed to the development of Skype Translator and Cortana. The company’s investments in biological computing and quantum computing are examples of “our bets on the future of computing,” writes Jeannette Wing, corporate vice president at Microsoft Research, who oversees the company’s core research labs. At Microsoft, basic research is supported through Microsoft Research labs because “we believe that Read more »

Microsoft welcomes US State Department Global Connect initiative

We’d like to congratulate the U.S. State Department on its demonstration of leadership with the Global Connect initiative. The Internet and the Web have transformed our lives – the way we find information, the way we communicate, how we run our businesses, how we entertain ourselves, how efficiently we use resources – the list is endless. But the sad fact is that nearly two-thirds of the global population has no Read more »

Microsoft’s comments on the Proposed Rule under the Wassenaar Arrangement

By Cristin Goodwin, Senior Attorney, Microsoft Today I participated in the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) discussion on “Decoding the BIS Proposed Rule for Intrusion Software Platforms” and the important topic of the Department of Commerce’s Proposed Rule on Intrusion Software under the Wassenaar Arrangement. We agree strongly that the Department of Commerce’s intent to help prevent the misuse of security technologies by those who seek to violate Read more »

Defining data privacy in a globally connected world

By 2020, researchers estimate that 20 billion devices will be connected to the Internet, taking advantage of technologies that bring us closer together and big data insights that could change the way we solve societal problems. At the same time, governments, companies and advocates are struggling to understand this new environment and establish the right regulations and laws to protect people’s privacy online. It’s a critical question – how do Read more »

White House proposal elevates privacy, transparency discussion

In an era of more personal computing, the proposed framework for privacy legislation unveiled by the White House today is a welcome development that we hope will kick-start a much-needed conversation about how to protect people’s personal information. Fostering innovation while protecting consumer privacy is at the heart of what we do every day at Microsoft. We understand that people will only use technology they trust. That’s why we work Read more »

Why the CLS Bank case matters

Posted byHoracio GutierrezDeputy General Counsel & Corporate Vice President, Legal & Corporate Affairs, Microsoft On Thursday, the Supreme Court issued a unanimous ruling in theAlicev.CLS Bank,reaffirming that abstract ideas are not eligible for patent protection. The Court correctly distinguished Alice’s invalid business method patents from valid patents that advance technology. We applaud the Court for its ruling, and in particular their recognition that the patents in question are not software Read more »

Microsoft panel explores the policy implications of intelligent systems

On May 16, Microsoft convened a panel of academic researchers working at the confluence of the technology, humanity and policy aspects of intelligent systems at the Microsoft Innovation & Policy Center in Washington, D.C. The intergenerational conversation brought together professors and their students to explore the implications of the deployment of new intelligent systems in businesses and society and the legal and policy challenges that they present. From autonomous vehicles Read more »