Microsoft and Voxx Electronics sign licensing agreement for rear seat entertainment devices

On Thursday, Microsoft announced a worldwide patent licensing agreement with Voxx Electronics, a leading provider of mobile and consumer devices. The agreement provides broad coverage for devices running the Android OS, including rear seat devices and tablets. This represents Microsoft’s first Android licensing deal in the automotive sector.

Connected devices in the automotive and other industries are expanding rapidly, seamlessly delivering technology to consumers in their daily routines. The intellectual property that first connected the world though computers, and then through smartphones, is now powering this wave of innovation. Through licensing agreements like this one between Microsoft and Voxx, automotive manufacturers and vendors can build on proven IP to create cutting-edge product experiences for their customers.

Microsoft has successfully entered licensing agreements with many of the world’s largest consumer device manufacturers using Android. Widespread adoption of in-vehicle entertainment tablets and other devices are now introducing this IP to the automotive space. For our partners in industries that are just beginning to harness the power of software in their products, patent licensing represents an opportunity to work collaboratively with Microsoft to drive innovation.

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