Microsoft Testifies before Senate Committee on the Need for Consumer Privacy Laws

Posted by Jeff Meisner
Editor, Microsoft on the Issues Blog

After testifying before the Senate Commerce Committee today, Vice President and Deputy General Counsel Erich Andersen discussed the need for steps being taken by Congress, Microsoft and others to protect consumer privacy while promoting continued technological innovation. 

Since 2005, Microsoft has advocated for comprehensive federal privacy legislation that includes privacy protections for transparency, consumer control and security that isn’t specific to any specific technology, industry or business model.

Additionally, Microsoft has a history of working to develop solutions that build on the principles of transparency, control and security and recognizes that industry and government must work collaboratively to address how to best protect consumers’ privacy while enabling businesses to develop a wide range of innovative products and services.

In recent days, this commitment to privacy has been emphasized by Microsoft in several ways. Earlier this week, Microsoft released a groundbreaking “Tracking Protection” tool as part of our new Internet Explorer 9 browser.  We are very proud that Internet Explorer was the first major browser to respond to the Federal Trade Commission’s recent call for a “Do Not Track” mechanism.

Also this morning, Microsoft General Counsel Brad Smith praised the Obama Administration’s announcement of support for federal privacy legislation.

You can find a copy of Erich Andersen’s testimony before the Senate Commerce Committee’s hearing here.

More information about Microsoft’s Privacy Guidelines for Developing Software Products and Services can be found here.

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