The role of the Legal & Compliance Community in shaping the future of technology

Legal and Compliance professionals have an important role to play in helping shape the future of technology and cloud computing in particular. That was highlighted at today’s 28th Global Legal ConfEx, where I had the opportunity to deliver a keynote discussing the role of the Legal and Compliance community at a time of great uncertainty. The opportunities offered by cloud computing are big, as many of us who work with … Read more »

Our search warrant case: Microsoft’s commitment to protecting your privacy

A few weeks ago, we won a major victory for our European customers in a lawsuit we brought against the US Department of Justice. A US court of appeals ruled that US search warrants do not reach our customers’ data stored abroad. We brought this case because we believe that European citizens and organizations want their data protected by European privacy law, and they do not want their emails and … Read more »

Microsoft signs up for Privacy Shield

Today (1 August 2016), Microsoft signed up for the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield. As one of the first companies, we have submitted our Privacy Shield certification to the U.S. Department of Commerce and we expect it to be approved in the coming days. Going forward, any data which we will transfer from Europe to the United States will be protected by the Privacy Shield’s safeguards. The Privacy Shield is an important … Read more »

Our search warrant case: An important decision for people everywhere

We obviously welcome today’s decision by the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. The decision is important for three reasons: it ensures that people’s privacy rights are protected by the laws of their own countries; it helps ensure that the legal protections of the physical world apply in the digital domain; and it paves the way for better solutions to address both privacy and law enforcement needs.

EU-U.S. Privacy Shield: Progress for privacy rights

We at Microsoft welcome the new EU-U.S. Privacy Shield decision, which the European Commission is expected to announce on 12 July. It sets a new high standard for the protection of Europeans’ personal data. Microsoft regards privacy as a fundamental right and we believe the Privacy Shield advances this right. This is an important achievement for the privacy rights of citizens across Europe, and for companies across all industries that … Read more »

The role of cybernorms in preventing digital warfare

Today, leaders from NATO countries and partners are meeting in Warsaw for a landmark Summit. Cybersecurity will figure prominently on the agenda. Today’s security landscape has evolved since the first NATO summit held almost 60 decades ago. With threats becoming more hybrid in nature, the role of “cyber” has increased significantly; a state of affairs which the Summit is likely to recognize in designating cyber as the “fifth domain of … Read more »

Do you have a license for cybersecurity?

Cyber threats move at Internet speed and so must cyber responders, to protect networks and data both in Europe and across the globe. Imagine the impact on cybersecurity if responders, innovators, and developers were told to pause and apply for an export license before responding to a threat. That’s what will happen under a new and overbroad cybersecurity regulation aimed at “intrusion software.” Recently, the Coalition for Responsible Cybersecurity and … Read more »

Accessibility in the workplace – a competitive edge

People across Europe increasingly rely on technology to get their jobs done. But if you have a disability, this can be a challenge. Almost half (48%) of all EU citizens living with disabilities are unemployed. This means over 38 million people are missing out on the opportunity to participate fully and equally in society. Improving this state of affairs by creating workplaces adapted to the needs of those with disabilities … Read more »

Why innovation should be accessible for all

Steve Gleason, former American football star, loves to tweet about his team’s latest victories. When he’s not on Twitter, he’s catching up on emails or reading to his son. Ordinary, everyday activities. But the fact that he is doing them at all is extraordinary. Because Steve lives with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), which has left him unable to talk or move. Steve is facing this with characteristic grit and determination, … Read more »

Transforming education to improve student skills

Across Europe, youth unemployment remains at a stubbornly high average of almost 20%. Education leaders are responding to this challenge with major policy reforms designed to modernize education and skills development. Microsoft partners with the European Commission and governments across the EU to support this. We believe in leveraging the power of technology to personalize learning, increase students’ employability and improve learning outcomes. Technology can also play a key role … Read more »