A new spectrum observatory in Brussels: providing data to inform policy decisions

Every day the number of devices connected to wireless internet creeps closer to the 1 billion mark. The radio spectrum currently available for wireless internet is getting strained, access points and base stations are becoming overloaded and prices for consumers are rising. The new Microsoft Spectrum Observatory in Brussels shows that this does not have to be the case.Microsoft has been exploring how to improve the utilization of available spectrum … Read more »

Across the spectrum: White Spaces are gaining momentum

Everywhere you look from Europe, to Canada or Singapore, more efficient spectrum use is increasingly a global regulatory goal; with attention now shifting to what spectrum sharing can add to existing spectrum management options. Evidence of this growing interest is proliferating, with the European Commission’s recent Communication on promoting the shared use of radio spectrum and the US Federal Communication Commission’s announcement that it intends to ensure that a significant … Read more »

Europe’s future growth is in the cloud

The European Central Bank’s proposal to buy unlimited amounts of crisis-hit government bonds has provided a glimmer of light through the shadows of the financial downturn. In the long term however, it’s clear that Europe must re-engineer its economy to achieve sustainable economic growth and abate record-high unemployment levels, especially among young people.That’s why the European Commission, the executive arm of the European Union, is prioritising “the cloud” t…

Europe 2020 goals: let’s not underestimate the role of technology

Youth unemployment in Europe is high. In many cases there are jobs available but the skill sets to meet them are scarce. Digital skills are in high demand and essential for enhancing employability, and driving innovation and sustainable growth in Europe. As a matter of fact, higher education will play a crucial role in developing the knowledge and skills that Europe needs to compete in the digital economy. In alignment … Read more »

Creating opportunities for 300 million young people in the next 3 years

Today we are announcing Microsoft YouthSpark, a new company-wide initiative designed to create opportunities for 300 million youth in 100 countries over the next three years.We’re launching this initiative because we’re seeing the emergence of an opportunity divide among young people: a gap between those who are prospering and others who are struggling because they lack the education, skills and opportunities they need to succeed. The evidence is clear.  We have … Read more »

Why cloud customers can’t ignore model clauses, especially now

This week privacy authorities from all 27 European Union member states adopted a long-awaited Opinion clarifying what companies must do to safeguard the private information of Europe’s citizens when these companies use cloud services. Known as the Article 29 Working Party, the Opinion from these experts is essential reading for every business considering moving to the cloud.In issuing this Opinion, European regulators provided the strongest endorsement to date for the European … Read more »

Breaking the growth deadlock

Where Europe succeeds, we succeedEurope matters to us. For the past thirty years, it’s been our aim to helpfuel the European economy with the programs, partnerships, products and services we deliver, through ourselves and others. Our investment has reaped significant return for thousands of new and existing businesses across the continent.This year marks the 20th anniversary of one of the greatest frameworks for growth in Europe’s history: the …

The EU’s Proposed Data Protection Regulation: Microsoft’s Position

On 25 January 2012, the European Commission announced a proposed General Data Protection Regulation.  The Commission’s proposal introduces sweeping reforms designed to modernise Europe’s 17-year-old data protection regime. Microsoft welcomes steps to strengthen and harmonise the data protection regime.Our company’s greatest asset is customer trust and our technologies are developed with data protection in mind.  Our priority is to protect personal data in an age whe…

The growing European cloud

When Europeans use cloud computing services, they are connecting to large data centres for the computing power they need. When they want more cloud services, they need more computing power capacity in those data centres.The growing use of cloud services in Europe has caused Microsoft to make another massive investment in computing power capacity in its Dublin Data Centre. This week, Microsoft announced an investment of $130 million to expand … Read more »

A “Cloud-Active” Europe, relatively speaking

At the recent Fuelling the European Economy event, Vice-President Kroes reiterated her belief that the flexibility and efficiency of cloud computing will ‘change our economies’, and she is determined to help resolve barriers to adoption to help Europe become ‘cloud-active’.With the announcement of the European Cloud Partnership, focused on increasing public sector adoption of cloud technologies, Vice-President Kroes has taken the first concrete step towar…