European Cloud Principles: A year of progress

Microsoft president Brad Smith presents the European Cloud Principles

One year ago, at a landmark speech in Brussels, Microsoft Vice Chair and President Brad Smith shared a new set of principles – Microsoft’s European Cloud Principles – to guide all aspects of Microsoft’s cloud business in Europe, enhance transparency for the public and help us better support Europe’s technology needs.

We made a commitment to:

  • Ensure our public cloud meets Europe’s needs and serves Europe’s values.
  • Ensure our cloud provides a platform for the success of European software developers.
  • Partner with and support European cloud solution providers.
  • Ensure our cloud offerings meet European governments’ sovereign needs, in partnership with local trusted technology providers.
  • Recognize that European governments are regulating technology and we will adapt to and support these efforts.

Following a year of listening to feedback and of taking action, Ralph Haupter, President of Microsoft EMEA shared an update on the work that has taken place in the last year based on the European Cloud Principles.

Here is an overview of some of the progress to date:

See the full update in Ralph Haupter’s LinkedIn post here.

It has been a year of progress, but this is only a milestone as our work is far from complete. We are still committed to listening, learning, and improving and we’ll be sharing updates on further developments in the year to come. In this ongoing journey, we look forward to continuing feedback from European cloud providers, customers, and regulators.


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