Uniting video game creators everywhere with players anywhere

Video game development has become a leading creative industry across the globe, bringing hundreds of thousands of people together to create games for over 3 billion players worldwide.

As a key market for the games industry, Europe boasts a large player base on consoles, personal computers, and mobile devices as well as many successful game developers and gaming studios of all sizes.

We recently had the opportunity to interview Phil Spencer, CEO of Microsoft Gaming, for this edition of #TechTalk and discuss the latest trends in the gaming industry with him.

Spencer talks about the incredible change the industry has undergone over the past decades and how Microsoft has embraced this change by helping to unite creators everywhere with players anywhere and on any device. Today, while gaming on consoles and PCs keeps growing, mobile gaming has unlocked a whole new way to play.

In this #TechTalk Spencer also describes the future of gaming, Europe’s place in the industry and discusses the reasoning behind Microsoft’s plans to acquire Activision Blizzard King, which has created several of the world’s best-known games.

Watch this #TechTalk in full here:

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