Casper Klynge shares his thoughts on tech regulation in Europe at the POLITICO AI Summit

During this year’s POLITICO’s AI Summit, Casper Klynge, Microsoft’s Vice President for European Government Affairs, had a chance to catch-up with Nicholas Vinocur, POLITICO’s Technology Editor.

In the interview they covered important issues, such as the state of tech regulation in Europe and transatlantic relations. Here are some of the points discussed:

Tech Regulation

It’s a misconception that tech companies like Microsoft are against regulation. Instead there is strong alignment on the responsibility of tech companies to develop and deploy responsible technology.

For Microsoft, any company that wants to operate in Europe should be on board with the European vision and European regulations. “Tech Fit 4 Europe” is our way of acknowledging the EU’s strategy for Europe Fit for the Digital Age, and listening to customers, governments, and European institutions.

“Most of the regulation that is coming forward is very much aligned with what we think is incredibly important, and that is to develop and deploy responsible technology that lives up to the highest standards, whether it’s on human rights or privacy.”

Casper Klynge, Microsoft’s Vice President for European Government Affairs

It’s no surprise that Europe took the lead on AI regulation. The big question is whether it will have an impact beyond Europe. Regulating high risk uses of AI is the right approach. At the same time careful attention needs to be placed on avoiding that regulation will stifle innovation in Europe.

Transatlantic Relations and Digital Trade

There is hope for the strengthening of transatlantic relations and cautious optimism ahead of the U.S.-EU Summit in mid-June to strengthen collaboration on digital technology issues. International data flows are an area of particular importance. They will continue to be essential, not only for U.S. technology companies operating in Europe, but also for European companies working across borders.

Watch the full conversation in the video below:

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