Microsoft Azure adheres to the EU Cloud Code of Conduct

EU Cloud COC

Microsoft Azure, a global cloud platform of services, successfully demonstrated its compliance with the EU Cloud Code of Conduct (CoC) through a rigorous, detailed assessment. This accomplishment is the latest example of Microsoft’s commitment to meet and exceed data protection requirements in the EU.

Following the positive opinion by the European Data Protection Board (EDPB) on May 19 and subsequent final approval by the Belgian Data Protection Authority, the EU Cloud CoC is now the only Europe-wide code for cloud providers addressing obligations for all cloud offerings under the GDPR. The adherence of Microsoft and other major cloud providers reinforces the status of the EU Cloud CoC as a standard for the European cloud market to support the implementation of GDPR provisions to enhance transparency and data protection of consumers and businesses across the EU.

Azure is built using some of the most rigorous security and compliance standards in the world. For Microsoft, the adherence to the EU Cloud CoC marks the 100th compliance offering for Azure. Learn more about Azure’s comprehensive portfolio of compliance offerings here.

“At Microsoft we have a long-lasting commitment to providing robust data protection for every individual and organization. We live up to this commitment through contractual terms, technical capabilities, and transparency. Following a stringent assessment under the EU Cloud Code of Conduct, 140 Azure services were declared adherent. We strongly support initiatives that address customer needs for data protection compliance and enhance trust in cloud services, as part of our broader commitment to align with and support Europe’s digital aspirations,” said Casper Klynge, Vice President European Government Affairs, Microsoft.

“As Scope Europe, we firmly believe in the high adequacy of Codes of Conduct and their capacity to establish best practices for the proper application of data protection rules that will contribute to the EU’s path towards a digital future. As the first-ever approved transnational code of conduct for all cloud services under the GDPR, the EU Cloud CoC is a solid framework capable of facilitating GDPR implementation while ensuring market compliance. Against this background, having Microsoft onboard further testifies to the unparalleled potential of this benchmarking initiative,” said Jörn Wittman, Scope Europe’s Managing Director.

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