A joint pledge to protect everyone online

There are few borders in cyberspace – and even fewer justifications for the growing trend of malicious cyber-activity that negatively impacts citizens, business and economies worldwide. That’s why Microsoft has signed a new Cybersecurity Tech Accord, pledging to defend all customers everywhere from cyberattacks. We’ve committed to this new agreement alongside 33 other global technology and security companies, including European organizations ABB, Arm, Avast!, Bitdefender, BT, F-secure, Guardtime, Nokia, and SAP.

As part of the Tech Accord, the signatory companies have committed to protecting people and communities from online threats through action across four areas: stronger defense, no offense, capacity building, and collective action. Each of these principles builds on Microsoft’s existing work and commitments.

As well as protecting citizens and enterprises globally regardless of the motivation for cyberattacks, we have promised not to provide assistance to governments seeking to launch cyberattacks. We will also work to prevent possible exploitation of our products and infrastructure for malicious purposes. Finally, the signatory companies have committed to increased capacity-building efforts, more information sharing, and close collaboration across industry, civil society and academia to tackle cyberthreats.

While Microsoft has already been working according to these principles prior to the agreement, we are proud to be a part of such a shared public commitment to keeping people safe online.

To learn more about this new agreement and why it matters, click here.

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