B20: The new global economy runs on free flow of data and trust

The German Federal Government took over the G20 Presidency at the end of last year. The economic dialogue B20 is an integral part of the G20 process, representing the entire business community of all G20 members. Its mission is to support the G20 through concrete policy proposals, consolidated representation of interests and expertise. Within the B20 task forces, joint recommendations for action are developed by representatives from trade associations, industry and international organisations from around the world.

Sabine Bendiek, Chairwoman of the Management Board, Microsoft Germany, is Co-Chair of the B20 Digitalization Taskforce, which was established for the first time within the B20 process. The taskforce will present the results of its work during the meeting of G20 digital ministers on “Digitalization: Policies for a Digital Future” to be held on 6-7 April in Düsseldorf. Next to topics such as Industry 4.0 and artificial intelligence, the B20 Digitalization Taskforce also addresses policy recommendations in the area of cross-border data flows. The B20 dossier on the topic, written by Sabine Bendiek, explains the significance of free data flows for the global economy and outlines the implications for political and legal frameworks.

Read Sabine Bendiek’s full contribution “The new global economy runs on free flow of data and trust” in the B20 Digitization Dossier.

This article first appeared on our Microsoft Politik Blog (in German) published by Inger Paus, Head of Social and Economic Policy, Microsoft Germany

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