Azure Machine Learning helps change businesses and lives, with Dr. Pig app as the latest example

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A panoramic presentation of the Dr. Pig app at Microsoft China Center One.

Having the right data means that businesses can predict trends: What are the energy demands in buildings? What products should a company continue to stock, and which ones should they stop carrying? Azure Machine Learning provides the data to help make these kinds of decisions, changing the way business – and lives – are affected.

In China, farmers lack the tools that are needed to predict market volatility, but most of them have smartphones, and a new cross-platform app uses Azure Machine Learning to help pig breeders predict market conditions up to six months.

The app, Dr. Pig, takes the past two years of market data — such as the prices of piglets – and projects at least six months’ worth of expected profit and loss. In turn, that helps the farmers decide on the types and quantity of pigs that will maximize their profits with the most minimal risk so they can run their farm more efficiently.

“Using data intelligently makes all the difference in the world,” says Joseph Sirosh, corporate vice president of Information Management and Machine Learning at Microsoft. “That’s really where machine learning comes in. Machine learning is really about looking at historical data patterns and being able to predict ahead. It allows you to take the past and peer into the future. So instead of looking in the rearview mirror, you’re looking forward.”

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Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff

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