Daily Update, March 1st – Microsoft Unveils Reimagined Envisioning Center

Today, Microsoft lifted the veil on its reimagined Envisioning Center, the result of collaboration between the company’s Strategic Prototyping team and Office Labs. Visitors can work on interactive desks, talk with colleagues through digital walls, and cook in a Kinect-enabled kitchen. Microsoft expects thousands of customers to explore the new space each year. Watch the short video below to get a look inside the Envisioning Center, and then head on over the Next at Microsoft to get the full story.

Also, we’re pleased to announce that Photosynth, the acclaimed mobile panorama app, is now available on Windows Phone 8. Get Photosynth for free from the Windows Phone Marketplace. Sometimes a single photo – even a wide angle photo – doesn’t do a location justice. Whether it’s the view off a cliff, or inside an incredible cathedral, we’ve all been to places that cry out for a full 360 degree panorama. Photosynth is the only Windows Phone app that can stitch a full sphere. That’s 360 degrees horizontally and vertically. Head on over to the Bing Search Blog for the rest of the story.


Posted by Jeff Meisner
Editor, The Official Microsoft Blog

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