Learn how to build autonomous systems with machine teaching

A worker adjusts a robotic arm in a factory setting

Microsoft and GlobalLogic present a free on-demand webinar, Leveraging Machine Teaching for Fast & Easy Intelligent Autonomous Systems.

Machine teaching gives subject matter experts the ability to build and manage autonomous systems without advanced data science skills or knowledge of artificial intelligence. Previously, the integration of an autonomous system required sophisticated tools and specialized know-how, which made such innovation inaccessible for many companies.

Now, you can build highly intelligent systems with the skills and expertise you have today. These systems are explainable, auditable, reusable and trustworthy.

Want to learn more? In the webinar, technology leaders from Microsoft and GlobalLogic tell you how you can create these systems – all in the cloud.

In this session, you will learn about:

  • Practical use cases and traditional challenges of autonomous systems
  • Basic concepts and the latest technologies that simplify the creation of autonomous systems
  • How Microsoft Project Bonsai enables machine teaching and training simulations for creating intelligent control systems

Watch the webinar