6 reasons employees are your greatest asset in the age of AI

A woman works at a standing desk

Microsoft recently commissioned a study to examine the potential of AI in enterprise companies (those with 250 or more employees) around the world. That study encompassed a random survey of approximately 12,000 people working within these companies, which were at various stages of AI business maturity, from exploring options to implementation. The study found that companies getting the most value from AI are prioritizing their employees’ skills as much as technology, and are using AI to augment those employees’ ingenuity.  Here are six reasons employees are an enterprise company’s greatest asset in the age of AI:

  1. Employees want AI skills
  2. Employees report feeling amplified by AI
  3. More AI-powered workers means more innovation
  4. More AI-powered workers means happier customers
  5. AI workers aim for continuous improvement
  6. Skilling fuels a valuable fly-wheel effect

Learn more about these six reasons by viewing this infographic, or read the full report.