How can you drive meaningful transformation with AI?

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A few years ago, Microsoft launched AI Business School, an online masterclass for business leaders designed to help them lead artificial intelligence transformations within their organizations. More than 2 million visitors later, Microsoft has learned a lot, especially from its customers, about how to harness the power of AI for true business innovation.

On May 11, Microsoft in Business hosted a Twitter chat to discuss how business leaders can drive meaningful transformation in their organizations with AI. The chat covered topics such as AI strategy, culture, responsibility, scaling AI and empowering everyone with AI. We had discussions around these key topics that you can join in below by using #MicrosoftAIChat. And, be sure to check out the new Best of Business AI 2021 interactive web experience.

  • STRATEGY: What advice do you have for organizations who are just starting to explore opportunities with AI
  • CULTURE: How does organizational culture fit into an AI transformation?
  • RESPONSIBLE AI: What are the key components you think organizations should have to be able to use AI responsibly?
  • SCALING AI: What are some best practices to effectively scale AI in an organization?
  • AI FOR EVERYONE: Which roles do you think benefit most from an AI transformation?
  • LEADERSHIP APPROACH: What’s your leadership approach? Take our quiz and share your results using #MicrosoftAI