HP, Microsoft and the Future of IT

Posted by Brad Anderson Corporate Vice President, Management And Services Division Today Microsoft and HP announced some great news for customers and partners of our infrastructure software and server applications: a $250 million engineering, sales and services partnership to advance cloud computing and help customers better use IT for business success. You can read the press release and watch videos of executives commenting on the agreement here. This is a … Read more »

Driving Better Retail Business Intelligence

Posted by Bruno Aziza, Worldwide Lead Strategist, Business Intelligence And Co-Author Of Drive Business Performance The economic crisis has reminded business leaders that developing a great strategy is not enough. They need to execute that strategy within an organization that empowers them to make the right decisions, better and faster. Doing so requires systems that can adjust to market conditions. But most importantly, it requires that your organization’s culture is … Read more »

Today’s kindergartners, tomorrow’s workforce

Posted by Anthony Salcito Vice President for Worldwide Education Today’s kindergartners will retire around 2075. They will likely look back at 2010 as a quaint time, the way many of us remember the time before VCRs, color television and the Internet. Now is an important time for us to think about their future: What kind of education will be meaningful to them and ensure they can adapt and succeed right … Read more »

Happy New Year: Bing Wins Crunchie

Posted by Dominic Carr Director Microsoft News Center Here’s a nice way to start off the new year. Our friends over in Bing are celebrating tonight after being honored at this year’s Crunchies as Best New Startup or Product of 2009. A lot of great companies and products were nominated, so the team was excited to even be considered. If you haven’t, check out the list of finalists – it’s a great snapshot … Read more »

What could be more natural?

Posted by Dominic CarrDirector Microsoft News Center Earlier this week Steve Ballmer and Robbie Bach delivered the pre-show keynote at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). If you missed it you can watch the entire keynote or view clips. Steve and Robbie covered lots of interesting ground, but one that is generating a lot of buzz is the announcement that “Project Natal” for Xbox will be available this year. Natal will basically … Read more »

Television of the future isn’t just on your TV

Posted by Ted Malone Microsoft TV, Video and Music, Senior Director of Product Management You don’t need to look very far to see how radically technology has changed the way we do things. Take the area of personal digital entertainment. Just think about how advancements in hardware, software and cloud-based services have drastically changed the way we experience music, take pictures and capture video, connect with family and friends, play … Read more »

CES – Optimism About Technology Is More Than Just Fun and Games

Posted by Dominic Carr Director, Microsoft News Center For many people Las Vegas is glamorous and exciting year round. No matter what you think of Vegas there is no denying the energy and sense of optimism that permeates the city. There is always something new and usually it’s on a grand scale. Everyone seems to be asking: “Wow, how can we top that? What’s next?” It seems appropriate, therefore, that … Read more »

Introducing the Microsoft News Center

Posted by Frank X. Shaw, Corporate Vice President, Corporate Communications For the past decade, PressPass has been the official voice of Microsoft to people who are interested in the company. This week, we’re launching a refreshed and renewed version of the site, with a new name (Microsoft News Center) and more content than ever – full details can be found here. As part of the redesign, we are also establishing … Read more »