TED2010, Haiti and the Winter Games – Weekend Reading for February 12th

This week began with a big sports event – the Super Bowl, of course – and ends with the start of another: The Winter Games, held not far from us in Vancouver and the neighboring resort of Whistler. It will be fun to see some familiar places and faces on TV. We can’t guarantee the weather, but we’re doing what we can to make sure that people can follow the games, regardless of … Read more »

Canโ€™t Make it to the Vancouver Games? Microsoft has you Covered.

The opening ceremonies of the Vancouver Games take place this evening.  Even for those of us that live just down the road in Seattle and who often spend weekends in Whistler, the chances are most people won’t be there in person.  Microsoft is working hard to help you stay connected to the Games and here is just a sample of the ways you can follow the action: On the Web … Read more »

Microsoft Canada Welcomes the Vancouver Winter Games

Tonight sees the opening ceremony for the Winter Games in Vancouver.  Like the rest of the country our Microsoft Canada team is excited the Games are coming to our home, and we’ll be cheering on our Canadian athletes for the next two weeks.  I’m lucky enough to be in Vancouver for the Games, and was at the last Winter Games in Turin (don’t ask about the Canadian men’s hockey team!).  … Read more »

TED2010: Spatial Search โ€“ Bing, Flickr, Videos, Maps and the Stars

Some of the most interesting people around are gathering this week in in Long Beach, Calif., for TED2010.  The presentations and discussions at TED are often wide-ranging, sometimes controversial, and always fascinating.  As you might expect, quite a few Microsoft people attend TED either as presenters or as participants.  One of those presenting today was Blaise Aguera y Arcas,  our Bing Maps architect. Blaise showed how the Bing team is … Read more »

Weekend Reading, February 5th

It’s Friday afternoon again, and time to wrap up some of the interesting things that happened this week that you might not have seen.  It is Super Bowl weekend here in the US and so it only seems fair to start with something sports related. Jordan Brand taps Microsoft technologies:  The Jordan Brand turns 25 this year, and Microsoft technologies are helping with the celebration in partnership with Wirestone.  First … Read more »

Measuring Our Work by Its Broad Impact

Former Microsoft employee Dick Brass has an op-ed in the NYT arguing that our better days are behind us, (“clumsy, uncompetitive innovator” . . . ouch!) and using examples from his tenure to make the point that the company can no longer compete or innovate. Obviously, we disagree. ๐Ÿ™‚ But his piece does represent a good opportunity to touch briefly on how we think about innovation. At the highest level, … Read more »

How Will We Make Decisions in the Future?

How will we make decisions in the future? Bruno Aziza, Worldwide Lead Strategist for Microsoft’s Business Intelligence group culled the wisdom of the crowd to help him peer into the future. A little less than a month ago, I asked people via multiple networks and forums what they thought business intelligence would look like in 2020. I received some great predictions and I’ll be talking about them this week at … Read more »

Windows Azure General Availability

Today marks a significant milestone.  We are announcing the general availability of Windows Azure and SQL Azure in 21 countries.  Starting today customers and partners across the globe will be able to launch their Windows Azure and SQL Azure production applications and services with the support of the full Service Level Agreements (SLAs). We’re hearing great feedback from those who are developing and deploying applications and services across the Windows … Read more »

Weekend Reading, January 29

Where I live it is Friday afternoon again and time to think about the weekend.  Given that the five-day weather forecast on MSN again calls for rain and more rain, it seemed some weekend reading might be in order.  I hate the fact I am contributing to the stereotype of Seattle.  It is a beautiful city, but it can be wet.  We had a busy week.  (Of course it was … Read more »

Microsoft & Internet Freedom

Posted by Steve Ballmer Chief Executive Officer Over the last few weeks, there has been much said about issues of security, privacy, and censorship as it relates to the Internet in China and around the world.  I want to reinforce the comments made by Craig Mundie last week, in response to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s important speech on Internet freedom.  Microsoft is committed to protecting and advancing free … Read more »