Sharing Microsoft’s YouthSpark Commitment at the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting

Last week, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and Executive Vice President of Legal & Corporate Affairs Brad Smith launched a new big bet for the company, Microsoft YouthSpark, a companywide initiative that will create opportunities for 300 million young people around the world over the next three years. As Brad noted during the live webcast, we are mobilizing the company behind this initiative because of something we’re seeing and deeply care Read more »

The Environmental Benefits of Moving to the Cloud

Posted by Rob BernardChief Environmental Strategist As the head of environmental sustainability at Microsoft, I lead a team that thinks about issues around energy use and the implications that a move to the cloud will have on both worldwide energy use and carbon emissions. Some of the questions that we are looking at include: what is the benefit of consolidating IT services in the cloud? Would those cloud-based services consume Read more »

Microsoft’s 2010 Citizenship Report Released

Microsoft recently released its 2010 Annual Report, and this week, we also released our Microsoft 2010 Citizenship Report. The 2010 Microsoft Citizenship Report offers insight on Microsoft’s approach and outlook on economic, social, and environmental issues, as well as reporting on progress. How we conduct ourselves and our business is as important as delivering quality products and services. Our Citizenship goals and performance are a reflection of how we hold Read more »

Steve Ballmer’s Thoughts on Cloud Computing

Posted by David Bowermaster Administrator, Microsoft on the Issues In late January, Microsoft General Counsel Brad Smith delivered a speech at the Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C. on the burgeoning field of cloud computing.  Brad outlined specific industry and legislative actions that Microsoft believes should be acted upon promptly to advance the potential of cloud computing, while protecting users’ privacy and enhancing the security of their data. Today in Seattle, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Read more »