Making important progress on computer science education

This week, we have seen tremendous enthusiasm and excitement from more than 13 million students who are learning a new language. The language? Computer Science. Across the country and around the world, students have been celebrating Computer Science Education Week by participating in Hour of Code events. In partnership with, Microsoft has been hosting Hour of Code programs at our retail stores and with our YouthSpark partners, witnessing the Read more »

Seattle Times Editorial: Immigration Reform Should Include Elements of Microsoft’s Visa, Education Proposal

Today, The Seattle Times featured an editorial supporting Microsoft’s National Talent Strategy proposal that outlines ideas for securing U.S. competitiveness and economic growth through high-skilled immigration reform and investments in STEM education. The editorial suggests that the National Talent Strategy, announced by Microsoft’s Executive Vice President and General Counsel Brad Smith this fall at the Brookings Institution, should be part of the larger conversation happening in Congress next year around Read more »

Investing in American Innovation and the Next Generation

Editor’s Note: The following post from Microsoft Vice President of U.S. Government Affairs was originally published on the Computer Science Education Week Blog on Dec. 11. The United States is facing a growing challenge that impacts American competitiveness and the opportunities available to the next generation. Put simply, our nation faces an increasing shortage of individuals with the skills necessary to create and deploy the next generation of information technology. Read more »

Organizations Praise Microsoft’s National Talent Strategy Proposal

Today, 20organizations issued a letter in support of Microsoft’s new National Talent Strategy, which outlines ideas for securing U.S. competitiveness and economic growth through citizenship efforts and strategy related to STEM education, skills training and high-skilled immigration reform. As you may remember, Microsoft’s Brad Smith launched the initiative at the Brookings Institution event, “Education and Immigration Reform: Reigniting American Competitiveness and Economic Opportunity.” The announcement generated coverage in a wide Read more »