Why research remains so important to innovation – and to a vital economy

Microsoft’s research investments in speech, natural language processing and machine learning have contributed to the development of Skype Translator and Cortana. The company’s investments in biological computing and quantum computing are examples of “our bets on the future of computing,” writes Jeannette Wing, corporate vice president at Microsoft Research, who oversees the company’s core research labs. At Microsoft, basic research is supported through Microsoft Research labs because “we believe that Read more »

Help figure out how the US can keep food on our tables in a time of climate change

Envision this: The Mississippi River, a major transportation system for the U.S. food supply, dries up and no longer has water. How do we get that food from Point A to Point B? Are there sites along the river’s 2,350 miles for cold storage, so the food doesn’t go bad if river traffic comes to a standstill? It isn’t a plot for a Hollywood movie. It’s a worst-case scenario that Read more »

Today in Washington, D.C.: Join us for the Microsoft TechFair Open House

Microsoft Research, Microsoft Innovation & Policy Center

From data visualization to cloud computing and predictive analytics, Microsoft Research is on the cutting edge, offering innovative solutions to complex problems. Today, the Washington, D.C., community can experience this technology firsthand as the Microsoft Innovation & Policy Center hosts a TechFair Open House from 1 to 4 p.m. ET. Throughout the day, top researchers from Microsoft will be on hand to demonstrate how some of their breakthrough technologies are Read more »

How today’s creativity will inform our entertainment of the future

Editor’s Note:The following post by Rob Knies originally appeared on the Inside Microsoft Research blog . Mary Czerwinski and Kati London of Microsoft Research will be participating in the Creativity Conference, a Washington, D.C., event that will examine how creators and makers are shaping our future. What does the “creative process” really mean? Where do creative ideas come from? What is the relationship between creativity and technology? Answering these questions, Read more »

Microsoft Research and The America21 Project Partnering to Put Urban Focus on STEM, Technology

Posted by Rob KniesManaging Editor, Microsoft Research On Feb. 20, Microsoft Research, in conjunction with The America21 Project, announced the three pilot cities for the Activate Local Communities Across America Initiative (ALC): Chicago, Portland, Ore. and Cambridge, Mass. The ALC, which grew out of a challenge last summer from the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and was featured Jan. 31 during the White House Tech Inclusion Summit, Read more »

Research as a Service: Cloud Computing Accelerates Scientific Discovery

Over the past two years, we have seen growing interest from the scientific community in using public clouds for research. As part of the original Cloud Research Engagement Initiative in 2010, Microsoft partnered with funding agencies all over the world to award more than 75 research teams for projects using Microsoft’s Windows Azure cloud. The research covers topics in computer science, biology, physics, chemistry, social science, geology, ecology, meteorology and Read more »