First Microsoft PhotoDNA update adds Linux and OS X support, detections up to 20 times faster

Today we are announcing a major technology update to Microsoft PhotoDNA, the image-matching technology used by organizations and agencies around the world to help fight the spread of child sexual abuse material (aka child pornography) online. Today’s update significantly improves the speed of the PhotoDNA hashing and matching, and expands support to new platforms and programming languages. With its first formal update, PhotoDNA customers will see hashing speeds improve by Read more »

Cloud power disrupts global malware

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A red glow spread across a map of the world displayed on a wall-sized monitor in the Microsoft Cybercrime Center. Within seconds, specialized analytics developed by Microsoft processed millions of individual pieces of data. The analysis revealed the infection rate was more than twice what had been anticipated, with a million more infections lurking just under the surface. Visualizing the data this way confirmed what Microsoft malware analysts and cybercrime Read more »

Microsoft-led discussion focuses on ways to use technology to fight human trafficking

Continuing its work with the White House Office of Science and Technology, Microsoft took an important step in its efforts to combat human trafficking by convening a brainstorming session of law enforcement, academics and private organizations in Washington, D.C. July 24. Many of the nation’s leaders in the fight against child sex trafficking used the forum to discuss ways technology can be harnessed to disrupt these crimes. As one of six recipients Read more »

New research forecasts the staggering cost of cybercrime

A new study released Tuesday reaffirms what we in Microsoft’s Digital Crimes Unit have seen for some time now – cybercrime is a booming business for organized crime groups all over the world. The study, conducted by IDC and the National University of Singapore (NUS), reveals that businesses worldwide will spend nearly $500 billion in 2014 to deal with the problems caused by malware on pirated software. Individual consumers, meanwhile, are Read more »

Microsoft and global law enforcement leaders team up to fight cybercrime

Last week, Microsoft hosted our first Cybercrime Enforcement Summit. More than 60 global law enforcement leaders and cybercrime experts met in Redmond for two days of closed-door sessions, discussing best practices and concrete steps to protect people online. As I reflect upon the event, I think there are three key takeaways that will guide the efforts of all of those that attended:

Get an exclusive look inside Microsoft’s new high-tech headquarters for the fight against cybercrime

Call them “the zombies next door.” With terrifying speed and stealth, cybercriminals can infect millions of PCs with malware, turning them into a vicious zombie army mobilized to commit crimes like identity theft, financial fraud and worse. [Read more…] Dynamics Tag

Technology: The complex, critical frontier in the fight against child sex trafficking

On Monday, I had the privilege of participating in an @Microsoft Conversation at Microsoft’s Silicon Valley campus with leading academics and experts working to better understand – in scientifically measurable ways – the role that technology plays in the issue of domestic minor sex trafficking. The discussion centered not only on the role that technology might play in facilitating these crimes, but also the role that technology might be able Read more »

Public-private partnerships essential to fighting cybercriminals

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of being able to serve as a panelist at an @Microsoft Breakfast Conversation held at Microsoft’s Innovation and Policy Center in Washington, D.C., an event which focused on how public-private partnerships can be a useful tool in fighting cybercrime, and more specifically, battling botnets. The panel featured keynote remarks from Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.), who contextualized the scope and impact that botnets have had in Read more »

Microsoft Names Research Grant Recipients in Fight Against Child Sex Trafficking

In order to effectively solve difficult societal problems, we must first understand them. With the belief that research can open the door to effective interventions in the fight against modern day slavery, in December the Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit and Microsoft Research partnered to release a request for proposals from the academic community to better understand the intersection of technology and child sex trafficking. [Read more…] Community Tag