Why the CLS Bank case matters

Posted byHoracio GutierrezDeputy General Counsel & Corporate Vice President, Legal & Corporate Affairs, Microsoft On Thursday, the Supreme Court issued a unanimous ruling in theAlicev.CLS Bank,reaffirming that abstract ideas are not eligible for patent protection. The Court correctly distinguished Alice’s invalid business method patents from valid patents that advance technology. We applaud the Court for its ruling, and in particular their recognition that the patents in question are not software Read more »

Patent litigation reform needed now

Microsoft joined nearly 400 companies and associations in calling upon the Senate Judiciary Committee to approve urgently needed patent litigation reform legislation. The Committee is working to forge a well-calibrated compromise aimed at curbing abusive litigation practices and strengthening our patent system. In any compromise there are always areas where one or more of the interested parties wish the outcome would go further, while others feel it might go too Read more »

A cross-industry Partnership for American Innovation

On Thursday, Microsoft announced it has joined the newly formed Partnership for American Innovation. The partnership includes Apple, DuPont, Ford, GE, IBM and Pfizer — a diverse group of industry-leading companies committed to strengthening a patent system that promotes a positive climate for technology innovation. David Kappos, former director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office, is senior adviser to the group. In the current public discussion about patents, Read more »

Strengthen the patent system by invalidating overly broad patents

On Friday, Microsoft filed an amicus brief in the Supreme Court in support of affirmance in the Alice Corp. v. CLS Bank case. Our interest in this case is to ensure the Supreme Court understands the difference between true technological innovations and the types of business method patents at issue in this case. Adobe and HP joined Microsoft on the brief. Simply put, Alice Corp’s patents have nothing to do Read more »

More work needed to protect European Union from patent trolls

In less than a month, European leaders will come together to finalize the draft rules of procedure for the Unitary Patent Court. On Tuesday, a diverse cross-industry coalition of nearly 20 companies and associations urged the European Union to make further amendments to the rules to support innovation, while deterring patent trolls from entering the EU patent space. The rules of procedure are the blueprint for the Unitary Patent Court, Read more »

Leading the way on patent transparency

On Thursday, the Administration issued a call to America’s innovation community to help strengthen the patent system by providing the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office the information, tools and resources it needs to perform its vital function. Microsoft applauds and supports these efforts. The U.S. patent system is the engine for our economy, incentivizing the creation of new technologies that are essential to America’s ability to compete in markets around Read more »

Microsoft voices support for passage of the Innovation Act

Thursday’s overwhelming bipartisan House vote to pass the Innovation Act (H.R. 3309) marks a significant milestone toward enactment of common-sense reforms to curb abusive patent litigation. Abusive patent lawsuits create a heavy burden on the U.S. economy — slowing innovation, undermining competitiveness and stunting economic growth. H.R. 3309 addresses this urgent problem by striking a balance that deters bad actors while protecting intellectual property rights. [Read more…] Fostering Tag

The Innovation Act: An important step in patent reform

Congress took an important step on Wednesday to curb abusive litigation practices that are harming business owners, America’s economy and innovation. The House Judiciary Committee passed H.R. 3309, the Innovation Act, and Microsoft is pleased to support it. We appreciate Chairman Goodlatte’s leadership and the hard work of the House Judiciary Committee in crafting patent-reform legislation that addresses abusive behavior while protecting innovation. [Read more…] Fostering Tag

Microsoft supports USPTO’s continued efforts to improve patent system

On Thursday in California, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is holding its Software Partnership meeting to discuss ways to clarify the language of software patents, similar to what we and others have recommended. Standard terms and glossaries can improve the quality of patent examination, benefitting patent holders and the patent system. We are pleased to be participating in that meeting and look forward to its outcomes. We are also Read more »

Microsoft announces industry coalition on European patent system

We are pleased to announce Microsoft’s participation in a cross-industry coalition dedicated to the creation of an effective European unitary patent system. It’s truly a unique coalition: 14 global innovators and users of the European patent system, who are in many cases fierce competitors, plus two associations representing another 25 innovative companies in the technology sector, have been working collaboratively for several months to suggest solutions that support the creation Read more »