DOJ Patent Policy Means FTC Should Think Again about Google Patent Order

Earlier today, the U.S. Department of Justice and the Patent and Trademark Office issued an important policy statement on standard essential patents. We welcome the statement as a significant step forward in ensuring the sound operation of the international standards system. Open standards can thrive only if firms can implement any standard free of the threat that other firms who contributed to the standard will later turn around and try Read more »

The Week in Tech Policy – Aug. 6th Edition

This edition of The Week in Tech Policy has stories on higher education, online privacy guidelines for children, wireless spectrum and more. Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s assess higher education’s financial health. Two major credit agencies have reached the conclusion that the high education industry’s financial risks have intensified since the start of 2012. Why? According to the University of Washington’s Office of Planning & Budgeting Blog, “both agencies noted that…state Read more »

Charting a Course for Privacy Innovations

For any technology company, continuous innovation is essential to stay relevant. But new features and functionality are not enough. Increasingly, consumers want innovations that help them keep their personal information secure and private. And policymakers and regulators are looking to industry to take the lead on creating new tools and policies that enhance privacy and data protection.  To explore these issues in more detail, last week we hosted our latest Read more »

Advancing Consumer Trust and Privacy: Internet Explorer in Windows 8

Today, Microsoft announced Windows 8 has reached Release Preview and Internet Explorer 10 in Windows 8 will have “Do Not Track” (DNT) on by default. This post includes additional thoughts about this important milestone in our effort to advance trust and consumer privacy online. Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8 will be the first browser to have DNT on by default. Consumers can change this setting, but the default will Read more »

White House Announcement Sets Course for Privacy

Consumer trust is vital to the growth of a vibrant Internet, and respect for privacy – putting people first – is essential to earning and maintaining that trust. Today’s release by the White House of their framework signifies an important milestone in the evolution of privacy interests of Americans and individuals around the world. The Administration’s policy promotes an environment of transparency and meaningful privacy choices. Further, we are hopeful Read more »

How Can Policymakers Promote Innovation and Strengthen Privacy?

On January 28th, in conjunction withData Privacy Day, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) convened its second “Exploring Privacy” Roundtable in Berkeley, California. The roundtable brought together some of the preeminent privacy thinkers from academia, industry, civil society and government to discuss complex and nuanced issues around technology policy, mobile computing, social networking and cloud computing. One of the main topics of the day was the intersection of technology and policy.  Read more »

Microsoft and the FTC: A Continued Focus on Privacy (Update)

UPDATE: December 7, 2009 – 7:30 a.m. Pacific Posted by David Bowermaster Administrator, Microsoft on the Issues The Federal Trade Commission’s roundtable series on “Exploring Privacy” begins today in Washington, D.C.   Microsoft Associate General Counsel Mike Hintze is participating in the first panel of the day, entitled “Benefits and Risks of Collecting, Retaining and Using Consumer Data.”  Links to a Webcast of the event and background materials are available here.  The extensive public comments Read more »

FTC Finds Video Game Industry Helps Families Make Smart Choices about Game Content

Posted by Steve Crown Deputy General Counsel The Federal Trade Commission has just released its biennial report to Congress on “Marketing of Violent Entertainment to Children” by the motion picture, music recording and video game industries.   Microsoft and other members of the video game industry take seriously the issue of gaming safety, so we are pleased that the FTC recognized the progress our industry has made as we work to help families Read more »

Microsoft and the FTC: A Continued Focus on Privacy

Posted by Frank Torres Director, Consumer Affairs On December 7, the Federal Trade Commission will host the first in a series of day-long roundtable discussions “to explore the privacy challenges posed by the vast array of 21st century technology and business practices that collect and use consumer data.” The goal of the sessions, according to the Commission, “is to determine how best to protect consumer privacy while supporting beneficial uses of the information and Read more »