Learn to Fight Online Fraud During Cyber Awareness Month

Lottery scams, advance-fee fraud, phishing attacks and fake anti-virus alerts. These are just a few ways criminals are attempting to gain access to your personal information to steal money, and impersonate you or hijack your good name. On average, adults in the U.S. have been exposed to eight different types of online scams, according to a new Microsoft survey. Learn to better protect yourself and fight back during National Cyber Read more »

The Week in Tech Policy – Aug. 20th Edition

In this edition of The Week in Tech Policy, we’ve included stories on making political donations via wireless texting, spectrum sharing, post-secondary financial aid and jobs data and more. Federal Election Commission clears the way for political donations via wireless text. Americans are one step closer to being able to make political contributions via their phones’ text messaging capabilities, Bloomberg recently reported. On Aug. 15, the FEC ruled that wireless Read more »

Every Click Should Count: Microsoft Discusses Online Ad Fraud at NYC Symposium

What if one out of every four cups of coffee you purchased turned out to be an empty cup? You’d quickly switch to another coffee shop and you’d have some very negative reviews of the coffee seller who shorted you. Now let’s say that just one out of every 10 cups of coffee from your new coffee seller is empty – better, but you’d still want a new barista because Read more »

Initial Revelations and Results of the Rustock Takedown

Almost three weeks ago, I blogged about the Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit’s takedown of the Rustock botnet in an action dubbed “Operation b107.” The takedown has thus far proven to be very successful and, since that time, we’ve worked every day to keep Rustock down, and begin the process of undoing the damage that it has caused. Yesterday afternoon, we returned to the court for a hearing where those accused Read more »

Anti-Piracy Enforcement and NGOs

Posted by Brad SmithSenior Vice President and Microsoft General Counsel (Cross-posted from the Official Microsoft Blog) A story in yesterday’s New York Times reports on anti-piracy enforcement actions in Russia that have been used for more nefarious purposes than protecting intellectual property rights. As General Counsel for Microsoft, it was not the type of story that felt good to read. It described instances in which authorities had used piracy charges Read more »

Keeping Clicks Real

Posted byTim CrantonAssociate General Counsel, Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit Online advertising fuels much of the Internet activity we enjoy today, enabling free services and unprecedented content flows. For this marketplace to continue enabling rich online experiences, it needs to be based on a trusted platform. Advertisers need to have confidence they are getting what they pay for. Unfortunately, deceitful online activity known as ‘click fraud’ undermines the integrity of the Read more »

Using Intelligence and Forensics to Protect Against Counterfeit Software

In the past year, tens of thousands of people have contacted Microsoft to complain that one or another third party had sold them software that turned out to be counterfeit. Many are angry at being cheated, but their even bigger problem is that counterfeit software may carry malware, spyware, or other viruses that can jeopardize their personal and financial information. To fight software counterfeiting, Microsoft has set up nine regional Read more »

‘Maga No Need Pay’: Nigeria Gets Creative to Fight Cyber Scams

Posted by Tim Cranton Associate General Counsel This week, a new pop song hits the airwaves in West Africa with a highly unusual message: Don’t be seduced by cybercrime. Cybercrime is a global issue, but perhaps no form of cybercrime has been more  associated with a region than the advance fee fraud collectively known as “Nigeria” or “419” scams (419 is the section of the Nigerian Criminal Code dealing with fraud).   Through schemes such as fake Read more »

Public Service Ads Alert Bing Users to Online Scams

Posted by Tim Cranton Associate General Counsel Two weeks ago you heard from me about Microsoft’s enforcement efforts to curb malvertising; today I want to tell you about another approach we are taking to help protect consumers online.   Along with using the legal system to help stop online criminals and fraud, my team does a lot of work with other groups at Microsoft and with public and private organizations around the world developing Read more »