Our legal challenge to a US government search warrant

Last evening, we filed our reply brief in our ongoing legal challenge to the U.S. government’s attempt to force us to turn over a customer’s email stored in our Irish data center. As we stated in our brief, we believe the law is on the side of privacy in this case. We were gratified by the large number of organizations and individuals that filed amicus briefs in this case in Read more »

Microsoft adopts first international cloud privacy standard

Today marks a major milestone, as Microsoft is the first major cloud provider to adopt the world’s first international standard for cloud privacy. It’s another reason customers can move with confidence to the Microsoft Cloud. The standard in question may seem technical, but it has important practical benefits for enterprise customers around the world. It’s known as ISO/IEC 27018, and it was developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Read more »

New whitepaper details how Latin America can benefit from the cloud while protecting data

A new whitepaper, “Facilitando the Cloud: Data Protection Regulation as a Driver of National Competitiveness for Latin America,” was made available by Microsoft Wednesday as part of the Government Leaders Forum – Latin America and the Caribbean. The whitepaper describes a framework of policies to maximize the opportunities cloud computing offers governments and communities in the region. To learn more, read the press release.

EU privacy authorities approve Microsoft cloud contracts

In a post Thursday on The Official Microsoft Blog, Microsoft General Counsel and Executive Vice President of Legal and Corporate Affairs Brad Smith announced that the European Union’s data protection authorities have found that Microsoft’s enterprise cloud contracts meet the high standards of EU privacy law. “This ensures that our customers can use Microsoft services to move data freely through our cloud from Europe to the rest of the world,” Read more »

Time for an international convention on government access to data

Last week, President Obama spoke about the role of the National Security Agency and announced some important changes to the surveillance practices of the U.S. government. We appreciate the steps the President announced, which represent positive progress on key issues including privacy protections for non-U.S. citizens. There is more work to do to define some of the details and additional steps that are needed, so we’ll continue to work with Read more »

Microsoft participates in U.S. News and World Report Hospital of Tomorrow Conference

This week, Michael Robinson, Microsoft’s vice president of U.S. Health and Life Sciences, participated in the U.S. News and World Report Hospital of Tomorrow Conference held in Washington, D.C. The event gave Robinson the opportunity to connect with many leading hospital executives and health care visionaries to explore methods for tackling the range of challenges facing the health systems of today and those in the future. On Tuesday, Robinson participated Read more »

Student Privacy Should Not Be for Sale

How would you react if you learned that an outside agency came to your child’s school and, without your knowledge or consent, collected confidential data about your child and then used the data they gathered to make money for themselves? Would you be upset? As a parent, I believe the answer is resoundingly “yes.” In our view, this is unacceptable. We don’t let advertising and marketing representatives come into schools Read more »

Research as a Service: Cloud Computing Accelerates Scientific Discovery

Over the past two years, we have seen growing interest from the scientific community in using public clouds for research. As part of the original Cloud Research Engagement Initiative in 2010, Microsoft partnered with funding agencies all over the world to award more than 75 research teams for projects using Microsoft’s Windows Azure cloud. The research covers topics in computer science, biology, physics, chemistry, social science, geology, ecology, meteorology and Read more »

Digital Access in the Developing World Becomes a Reality Through Partnerships

One of the profound privileges of my job is that, every year around this same time, we host the Partners in Learning Global forum – this is the Olympics of innovative education. All of the participants (nearly 500 educators from more than 80 countries) are remarkable, but it gave me chills Saturday night as I watched a teacher from Pakistan – a woman named Munazza Riaz – take the stage Read more »

Why Cloud Computing Is Efficient Computing

Over the weekend, the New York Times began publishing a series that looks at the environmental and local economic impacts of cloud computing. We’ve posted our perspective on these issues on the Global Foundation Services blog. We may not agree with all of the conclusions that the Times reaches, but we appreciate their attention to these important topics. The impact of the cloud on energy and sustainability are critical issues Read more »