Cloud power disrupts global malware

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A red glow spread across a map of the world displayed on a wall-sized monitor in the Microsoft Cybercrime Center. Within seconds, specialized analytics developed by Microsoft processed millions of individual pieces of data. The analysis revealed the infection rate was more than twice what had been anticipated, with a million more infections lurking just under the surface. Visualizing the data this way confirmed what Microsoft malware analysts and cybercrime Read more »

New research forecasts the staggering cost of cybercrime

A new study released Tuesday reaffirms what we in Microsoft’s Digital Crimes Unit have seen for some time now – cybercrime is a booming business for organized crime groups all over the world. The study, conducted by IDC and the National University of Singapore (NUS), reveals that businesses worldwide will spend nearly $500 billion in 2014 to deal with the problems caused by malware on pirated software. Individual consumers, meanwhile, are Read more »

Get an exclusive look inside Microsoft’s new high-tech headquarters for the fight against cybercrime

Call them “the zombies next door.” With terrifying speed and stealth, cybercriminals can infect millions of PCs with malware, turning them into a vicious zombie army mobilized to commit crimes like identity theft, financial fraud and worse. [Read more…] Dynamics Tag

Public-private partnerships essential to fighting cybercriminals

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of being able to serve as a panelist at an @Microsoft Breakfast Conversation held at Microsoft’s Innovation and Policy Center in Washington, D.C., an event which focused on how public-private partnerships can be a useful tool in fighting cybercrime, and more specifically, battling botnets. The panel featured keynote remarks from Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.), who contextualized the scope and impact that botnets have had in Read more »

Initial revelations and results of the Citadel botnet operation

Just over two weeks after Microsoft, financial services industry leaders, technology industry partners and the FBI took action against more than 1,400 Citadel botnets, I am pleased to share that at least 2 million computers have been freed from the cybercriminals. As Reuters reported, we believe this is a very conservative number. Our preliminary data shows that from June 9 to June 15, nearly 1.3 million unique Internet Protocol addresses Read more »

Microsoft Joins White House, Private Sector Partners in New Effort to Combat Botnets

Every day criminals exploit innocent, unsuspecting people by secretly overtaking their computers to carry out crimes. Networks of bad actors have assembled an efficient, resilient infrastructure of computing power called botnets to enable Internet-based organized crimes ranging from the distribution of malware to phishing solicitations and online theft. In order to address the criminal threat posed by botnets, the public and private sectors are announcing new, collaborative efforts to keep Read more »

Microsoft Technology to Help Law Enforcement Fight High-Tech Crimes

Microsoft announced on Tuesday that it has provided $2.3 million in technology to the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C) to further the center’s efforts to equip law enforcement with the skills and resources needed to combat economic and high-tech crimes. Microsoft has partnered with NW3C over the past few years to develop training and tools to support law enforcement’s mission to fight cybercrime, including the Computer Online Forensic Evidence Read more »

Wanted: Technology Breakthroughs to Fight Child Sex Trafficking

There are few online crimes more heartbreaking than technology-facilitated crimes against children, which is why Microsoft is working with experts to advance innovation to combat them, including a research effort on child sex trafficking being introduced today by danah boyd and Rane Johnson of Microsoft Research and the Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit. Through Microsoft’s previous work, we have found that research and creative collaborative efforts can have a meaningful impact Read more »

Microsoft’s Digital Crimes Unit Talks Cybercrime with “Worm” Author Mark Bowden

I recently had the privilege and pleasure of joining author Mark Bowden and New York Times technology reporter John Markoff at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, Calif., where we spoke about Mark’s new book, Worm: The First Digital World War. Worm is an account of the Conficker computer worm and the group of security professionals (myself included) who came together to combat the proliferating malware as members of Read more »