The Carbon Call: working together to build reliable carbon accounting for the planet

Cover of Carbon Call document

Yesterday, TED Conferences published my talk from October 2021 highlighting some of the core issues, or “bugs” we collectively need to fix to get to net zero. One of those bugs is measurement. We can’t fix what we can’t measure, and reliable measurement and accounting of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is critical to climate accountability and attribution.

Today, Microsoft, ClimateWorks Foundation and 20+ leading organizations announced the Carbon Call to address reliability and interoperability in carbon accounting for the planet.

Since the beginning of our sustainability journey at Microsoft, we’ve known that we need to work together with a wide range of organizations to achieve a net zero carbon future. As both a participating organization and signatory in the Carbon Call, we’re excited to work with others to strengthen the foundations for carbon accountability and advance a reliable, global system of interoperable GHG ledgers.

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