Expanding efforts to protect European democracies from cyberthreats

Poster for Microsoft AccountGuard

This year millions of Europeans will head to the polls to cast their ballots. At the same time, we’ve seen and continue to see efforts by nation-states and others to influence elections in democracies around the world including in Europe. These attacks target not just political campaigns and government officials but also think tanks and nonprofit organizations that are in touch with government institutions and work on issues related to democracy, electoral integrity and public policy.

Today we’re discussing recent cyberattacks we’ve seen targeting such organizations in Europe and announcing an expansion of Microsoft AccountGuard in 12 new European markets. The full post is over on our Microsoft EU Policy blog.

AccountGuard provides comprehensive threat detection and notification to eligible organizations at no additional cost and is customized help to secure their systems. It’s available to political candidates, parties and campaign offices operating at a local or national level as well as certain think tanks, nonprofits, and nongovernmental organizations.

To register for AccountGuard or learn more, organizations can click here.

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