Microsoft’s Board of Director Video Series: An interview with board member Teri List-Stoll

Photo of Teri List-Stoll

Microsoft’s board of directors wants our shareholders, customers, partners and employees to have the chance to get to know the board and hear how it operates. Our board of directors video series helps achieve this through informal interviews that provide deeper insights into board members’ backgrounds, their perspectives on board service and insights into the Microsoft boardroom.

The latest installment features Teri List-Stoll, executive vice president and chief financial officer at Gap Inc. Teri joined the board in October 2014 and brings extensive financial and consumer business experience. In her interview, Teri shares one of her most pivotal career moments, gives a behind-the-scenes look into how Microsoft’s board operates, and discusses how technology is shaping the future of business.

You can read more about our board and our approach to corporate governance on our Investor Relations website.

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