A blueprint to help business compliance leaders realize digital transformation

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Digital transformation is more than a buzzword. It is the launchpad for companies across the economy transforming their business models to capitalize on the new opportunities being unleashed by innovations rapidly transforming our world. However, digital transformation requires more than flipping a switch as companies find themselves navigating a new world of legal risk and compliance in their journey.

Today we are pleased to share the release of a new Microsoft book, “Digital Transformation in the Cloud: What enterprise leaders and their legal and compliance advisors need to knowto act as a guide, with Microsoft’s full perspective on the challenges and concerns businesses face when embracing digital transformation.

This book springs from a desire to help traditional business leaders embracing the power of digital transformation to understand and comply with complex laws like the European Union’s (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that apply more broadly than ‘just to tech companies.’

The business leaders I meet with have many important concerns and questions about the new challenges they face. Privacy, security, trust, compliance with new regulations like GDPR, and corporate social responsibility are deeply interrelated issues that have come to the forefront for successful operations. Businesses are excited by the opportunities of digital innovation, as well as exploring the risks, knowing their decisions will have a long-lasting impact on their ability to create value and thrive in an ever more competitive global market.

For organizations of every size, the potential impact of digital transformation on their strategy and operations is palpable. Deeper knowledge of customers. Access to new markets. Fresh ways for employees to share ideas and work in collaborative teams. A dramatic acceleration in the pace of research, development and innovation. These are just a few of the benefits organizations and businesses are experiencing as they work in partnership with cloud leaders like Microsoft to build a new kind of IT infrastructure — one that is more powerful, more flexible and more scalable than its predecessors.

This book is designed to provide enterprise leaders and their legal and compliance advisers, in every industry or organization, with a framework for thinking about the strategic implications of digital transformation. As these decision-makers seize the opportunities that lie ahead, while minimizing the risks, we believe it’s critical they focus on the following areas:

  • How digital transformation inevitably leads enterprises to the cloud.
  • What enterprise leaders and the legal compliance community need to know about cybersecurity.
  • The right approach to compliance with legal frameworks like the GDPR and other data security and privacy regulations.
  • How standards help to achieve privacy and security compliance in the cloud.
  • Ways to advocate and help build a trusted, responsible and inclusive cloud that evenly shares the opportunities of technology to meet societal challenges.

This book includes seven customer case studies from businesses that have undergone their own transformation, including Britain’s Ministry of Defense, Bank of America and the state of Indiana, among others.

At Microsoft we understand our role is more than a solutions provider.  We are a trusted partner in our customers’ digital transformation. This book reflects more than three decades of knowledge and experience Microsoft has gained as a pioneer in the development of transformational digital technologies, and as an enterprise that itself is continually responding to the changing needs of customers in a world that is forever being reshaped by innovation.

Please download the book here. A summary of the book is available here.

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