Tech support scams are a growing problem

 Illustration of two people working at computers under the words "Tech support scams and how to avoid them"
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Have you experienced a tech support scam over the phone or online? If not, you likely know someone who has. According to a new global survey we commissioned, two out of three consumers have been exposed to a tech support scam in the past year. The survey revealed other interesting results, including the latest ploys scammers are using to target consumers and the surprising groups of consumers that tend to continue with the fraudulent interaction, many of whom lost money and put their personal information and devices at risk.

For further details about the survey, please see our guest blog post on the National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM) website, which also includes tips on how to spot tech support scams and ways Microsoft is working to prevent them and protect you.

Please visit our newly updated website for more information on how to identify, avoid and report tech support scams:

Please see our report for further details about the survey.

More information on the survey methodology can be found here.