Microsoft’s Director Video Series: Hearing about the board, from the board

In 2009, Microsoft began posting video interviews with members of its board of directors to provide deeper insights into their backgrounds and perspectives on board service. Today we are pleased to share two new installments featuring John Thompson and Padmasree Warrior. John currently serves as chairman of the board, while Padmasree joined the board in December 2015.

The conversations span a variety of interesting topics. John outlines his thoughts about Microsoft’s leadership structure, the evolution of company culture and what drew him into technology over 40 years ago, while Padmasree shares what’s surprised her over the past year, the board’s role in Microsoft’s transformation and how the company is championing diversity at all levels.

At Microsoft, we believe an important component of communicating our governance policies and practices to our stakeholders is meeting them where they are. While it has long been a priority of the board to maintain an active, in-person dialogue with shareholders, we have placed a renewed emphasis on bolstering our communications through technology in recognition of our increasingly digital world.

Our board video series and this Microsoft on the Issues blog are just two components of these virtual investor outreach efforts. You can read more about our approach on our Investor Relations website. We also encourage all shareholders to communicate with [email protected] for questions or comments about any aspect of our corporate governance framework or the role of the board.