Microsoft’s comments on the FCC proposal for affordable broadband

Affordable broadband connectivity is often essential to harnessing the power, productivity, and delight that technology enables, and the importance of it will only increase as more and more of our daily actions move to a cloud-based model. It’s important that we as a society adopt measures to make sure everyone is empowered to contribute, and to be their best and most productive selves.

That’s why today, Microsoft submitted comments in support of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission’s proposal to make broadband service more affordable for millions of American households through reform of the Lifeline program, which currently provides discounts on voice telephone service for eligible low-income households.

Affordable broadband service enables students to go online to learn the programming skills needed for success in a modern digital economy, and continue learning and creating even when they’re not at school. Using online mobile health management tools, patients can dramatically improve their health in cost-effective ways. People with disabilities can use broadband connections and online tools to overcome traditional barriers and maximize their productivity.

Microsoft is proud to make these tools available, along with its partners, because they upgrade our world, making it a better, more interesting place to live and work. That’s why we encourage the FCC to adopt its proposal to provide Lifeline support for wireless and wireline broadband service.

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